03 February 2011

absolutely nothing to report but...that has never stopped me before.


1. One of Julia's parents (male) has decided to take on an upholstery project. I vacillate between thinking he is completely crazy and just a little bit crazy. I'll keep you updated on the progress. I found these photos on the camera this morning...

After an hour of removing staples. fortitude at finest. 

2. Despite the fact that I am with Julia 100% of the time...she still seems to prefer Simon's company.
1. Letting him sleep in three hours beyond the lady's wake up time. 2. worships his every move

3. Santa brought Julia a lovely little casserole of sweet potatoes, pumpkin, apples and blueberries...

 4. And we now have a completely bald baby in-house. She has been very busy figuring out how to work the computer's camera. We teach them the importance of vanity nice and young around here.

and with that...I am off to look for my sanity because I still loathe the winter....loathe.


ps-I would really like to know what readers are hailing from Canada.....please...


  1. re: canada. remember when i had the reader in the netherlands? then one day i dedicated an entire post to them, and from then on it's like i scared them away. wtf. i just want to know who you are. is that a crime?

  2. She looks JUST like you in the bottom left eating picture.

    Did you get my email?

  3. Grace,
    THANK YOU for the link!!! Now I don't have to sell a kidney on the black market to keep my baby's butt diapered!

    Also- How fun that our babies are one day apart!!! Julia is just beautiful (regardless if people think she looks like a boy OR a girl;)

  4. I'm afraid I'm the guilty Canadian reader! I don't think you know me, but I remember you from FUS, and we have some common friends....and I think your blog is cute and funny:) Now I feel like a creep..haha...

  5. Before you mention the creepy reader in Sweden, maybe you already know but it is me! I knew it probably stuck out to you but I still can't resist, because your blog makes me laugh and I have to keep up with baby Julia!! (even though I have never met her... but I will someday!) Not to mention, I miss the Patton family as a whole, so...
    Take care & welcome to my (BORING & LAME) blog any time!



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