7 (official) Quick Takes Friday Volume 2

11 February 2011

Once again...linking up to Conversion Diary's weekly Quick Takes.

1. Let us begin on an obvious, mundane and negative note: I hate this weather.

 In my all-important opinion, there are no redemptive qualities to sub-zero temps, being cooped up, snow/frozen precipitation in general or expensive artificial heat. My forehead will soon be stuck in it's (already semi-permanent) angry crinkled wrinkle...and Julia will be forever scarred.

2. Moving along with a positive headline: if you live in Wichita...and you are a lover of fabric...get your pretty self to Joann's fabric on Oliver. Very large sale. The clerk told us that one bargain-hungry lady had gotten $900 worth of fabric for $190....(and that the lady had grand plans to make all Wichitans personalized capes with the likes of that much fabric)....andddd I think this "take" may have just aged me about 10 years.

3. Julia has found a new friend (much to Raggedy Ann's relief) in her reflection  ... which is somewhat captured on camera below along with my combed hair, fuggs [let's get over the aesthetics: I'm cold and they are warm] and houseskirt....and her very short attention span is illustrated with Simone...

4. Kudos to my little brother Paul for scoring many, many points in an exciting basketball game against his school's archrival earlier this week:

5. Julia's "bedtime" has become a three hour sadist ritual that usually ends around midnight ...  bad, indulgent mother.

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6. Trying to capture Julia's laugh is impossssssible as she fears the here is a little Juliaspeak and Gracelaugh. . .possibly most unexciting clip on the web..

7. Despite the fact that I take the time to detangle Julia's hair every day, sacrifice a large quantity of my nighttime sleep and make her very fancy little outfits...she still seems to be happier with the male half of her parental units. . . it seems she hasn't quite hit the all-important milestone.."knows where her bread is buttered"...

 eye roll



  1. oh my god. that last photo...her face is freaking priceless. what the heck!? hahahah. and i like your face too. you look like are about to crack up

  2. oh she just keeps getting cuter.
    Glad to pop in and see you are surviving this dreadful winter. Someone take me back south! ;)

  3. Oh she is so cute. ANd the snow is so gorgeous!

  4. hah i love the julia speak. i can't wait to speak to her!

  5. I vote more videos. In addition to hearing Julia's beautiful voice, there is nothing better than hearing a mom's loving laugh.



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