Simon Says and more

02 February 2011

1. While getting dressed for work...

"Grace, do you happen to have a shoehorn?"

oh..yes, my shoehorn ... one sec.


"Are these pants scandalously the bottom area?"

2. After getting home from work....

"You know what my wardrobe really needs? Some house slippers."

3. (it escapes me what I did/didn't do that elicited this proclamation)

"If we were on the Bachelor right would not be getting a rose!"

additionally we have Julia being a thrifty fashionista and a naughty baby that had to be taken outside for the entirety of the wedding ceremony this weekend:

 dress: 'thrifted' (and dare I say it could be vintage?) in Austin ... 75 cent
sweater: c/o grandparents
sock/shoes: c/o Meg
tights: c/o her generous bestie Genevieve
placid demeanor: c/o God-given (temporary) temperament

Also....we are hating this weather/snow/no I don't think its pretty at all. Already this morning Simon has endured one car dying and one car getting stuck en route to work and the same kind soul stopping twice to help him. Luckily the library kindly lent me season one of Mad Men and a very large print copy of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

That is all for today. 




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