11 October 2012

 Only Julia would overshare and revealed that she was "swimming" ... the boys? statues/no clue.

While we are busy racing back home into the arms of our patriarch by way of the same Dora Christmas "dee bee dee" on repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, and repeat again, thousands of empty calories to occupy Sebastian, and please no more than three efficient bathroom stops ... I'll leave you with these shiny things ...

We are big fans of white noise in our house and this free online sound machine has been a lifesaver this trip. I only managed to remember one of our little sound machines which went to Julia but this website lets you play the noise all night long and has kept Sebastian mostly asleep at night and during naps.

Lauren's announcement couldn't get any cuter ... until it did. SO exciting (and exciting).

You know I'm a pathetic sucker for a good Kendifit but I particularly love this one. I stalk-admire from a relatively safe distance ... she need not worry.

I think Sebastian would fit in just fine over here. Click and smile then die in solidarity.

Ashley posted after taking an unappreciated sabbatical. Praise hilarity.

Ending on a celebratory note. Bye.


  1. Oh my gosh that Aspiring Kennedy blog is so pretty. How do people get to live like that?!?

  2. I keep meaning to write this to you and forgetting....but I'm wearing the EXACT same boots as Julia. Literally. She and I keep being far-away twins the past 2 weeks with those little boots.

    I'll send you a pic soon to prove it. :)

  3. That twins post - so cute and misleading at first!!

  4. Twins and crap logs. Just what I needed tonight :)

  5. love the pic. and i cannot STAND how cute Lauren's announcement is !!!! so great. she should be friends w/ patrick and sheena?

  6. Loved Laurens posts!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing



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