Morning Routine

08 October 2012

Julia and alllllllll of her crib companions transferred to the couch (two blankies and her "phone" baby monitor are stowed up high so that the big bad Bashers don't get them)

 big and bad

doing what he does best ... ruining the minimalist's life ... yet again.

Just another smile silently, pat myself on the back, and think, "I must be doing so very many things right" moment in the life of the very best mom.

I trust you have them too.


  1. Oh my, this is my morning exactly! Thank you for making me laugh about it!

  2. Ah yes the take everything from the crib with you routine. I know it well! Except my culprit insists on throwing it all on the floor and them having me bring it all down stairs.

    1. oh you think she brought all that stuff to the couch?

      she throws ... I carry. Ridic.

  3. Ahh yes, we're just now starting to not feel the need to bring EVERYTHING we own downstairs. Nothing like thirty stuffed animals shoved onto a couch to make company feel extremely awkward.

  4. I had one of those mornings this morning, when at a doc appt. the 2 year old brought every single train he owns (and I let him) and then he and his sister proceeded to drive them on every available surface for the hour we waited. At some point, some snottyhonest little boy came over to me and said, "My Mom says these kids are crazy." Thank you, thank you, now I love you and your Mom even more. Argh!!!!

  5. praise be i checked CP before i burst into tears. the hot kind. definitellllllllly my morning.

  6. he is SO cute! i love his light, fuzzy hair :)

  7. these two are the best..i love the last pic. basher is always so smiley, i love it.



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