7 Quick Takes

12 October 2012

Joining Jfully and the Givers this week ... as per the usual.

1. Simon woke up to greet us when we got home from our little sojourn to South Bend yesterday ...
... much to Sebastian's chagrin.

2. Some people say that Sebastian and Simon look a lot alike but other than the identical hair color and texture I don't see it. Either I'm blind or people are just making conversation/lying.
Baby humor is so complicated.

3.  I had the pleasure of meeting up with Ana on the trip and I wish we had more than a few hours to chat because it was so much fun. Despite the fact that she is due with her third little lady any second now (but looks too good to be full term ... too good I tell you!!) she kindly let Sebastian tear through her trash and splash in her toilet and endured Julia ask-demanding for 89 too many things. I'm fairly confident God will see to it that her time in pregnatory is shortened dramatically after our littls visit. And I still can't get over the fact that her 3-year-old (as in .... one year older than Julia) voiced crystal clear concern over where her 'books on the New Testament were because she wanted to read them'. I probably should've just left a Dora-obsessed Julia in their capable care ... forever.

4. The drive home was relatively uneventful or I've gotten really good at blocking notfun situations out of my head forever. I pulled over to three different gas stations before deeming one kid friendlyish enough to actual get out and utilize the facilities. My judgement turned out to be terrible and we were greeted by zero changing tables, no toilet paper, and an empty roll of paper towels. Of course Julia still managed to clog the sink with just water during her marathon hand washing routine.

5. I have an appointment with the endocrinologist today. I think I waited 2 hours to see her for my appointment (force-scheduled 6 months in advance) last time. We'll see if she can top herself this time around. I'm already getting huffy and puffy just in case. (update ... only 25 minutes of waiting ... I was wrong ... first time for everything blah)

6. My little germaphobe now requires more coverage than a bib can provide for meal/messy times ...
It's getting weirder by the day and I'm hoping to redirect this obsession to something more beneficial to society ... like a more feminine hairstyle.

7. My brother and his friend (both freshmen in college) are visiting for their fall break and being the nicest house guests putting up with shoddy meals and "please don't breathe while the kids are sleeping or you will risk sudden death" threats. I think we'll take them to a petting zoo tomorrow ... I can't imagine why they wouldn't make this an annual thing for the next four years.

Go see Jen for more and if you live in Saint Louis don't you dare beat me to checking the book she recommended out from the library. I'll be very disappointed (in you).


  1. as usual, hilarious! haha, i loved the post on Ana's daughter!! too cute and funny! And Julia totally rocks the apron!

  2. How did the endocrinologist go? Sunshine and Butterflies I am assuming since that is how absolutely NONE of my endo appointments ever go. I'm already dreading going back in January. I'm sure he'll say something to freak me out all over again.

  3. What is it with first-borns and germaphobia??? Leo wouldn't lick CHOCOLATE from a kit-kat off his finger today - he demanded a wipe. #notmychild

  4. Your preamble about JFully and the Givers started my hacker cough going, and by take number Ana I was purple and passed out on the couch

    Thaaaaanks... ?

  5. Julia is totally breaking Amish in that pic. love. it.

  6. Grace, you are the sweetest-I feel enormous- I was just glad I could find a tank top to cover the bottom of my belly that was hanging out all day until you got there.
    And you seriously look like I looked at 12 weeks, absolutely amazing.
    Sebastian splashing in the toilet was my favorite. And we totally coach Naomi on impressive things to say when guests are over, don't let her fool you.

    Sooooo glad the drive home wasn't too bad, now that means we can definitely coax you into coming back!! The basement is waiting...

  7. Love it all, as usual. Please never stop blogging... If you post it, I will come.

  8. Shoot , I'm out of town so you will probably beat me. I'm going to try to get it on overdrive so I don't have to leave home!


    Did you see that?!?!
    Can't believe that wasn't a quick take! :-)

  10. You're totally coming to visit me when I am deep in the heart of pregnatory. Apparently you knock babies out of women. Yay Ana!

    Also, I've said it before: I'm new to the camp. Endocrinologist?



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