08 October 2012

1. decked to get some cafeteria fries and (distant second on the priority pole) see daddy
2. Sebastian hit the tanning beds hard this month

3. serious
4. giddy

5. green monster and green monster
6. somber the elf

7. Mister Rogers has a sick day
8. 23 week selfie and jailbebe

9. Sebastian is just happy to be a part of it all
10. always

11. favorite sport ... we limit little Norm to 8 minutes a day
12. affection to the tune of unrequited


  1. What I love is that every single post from Camp Patton is gold - SOLID gold.

  2. hands down favorites are 3 & 4.

  3. looks like they are having fun :)

  4. 10... beautiful. And so real.

    PS, love the bump, the stripes are totally working for you... and your friendly neighborhood jailbirds but you know, whatevs

  5. Can Sebastian be the little old man from the movie Up, for Halloween? Pretty please?

  6. Thought of you yesterday when I went to Starbucks and they were OUT of Pumpkin Spice Latte. How is that even possible???? After staring blankly at the barista-girl and saying "how is that possible?" (twice, I think!), I went with the Salted Caramel Mocha. It was a decent substitute. Thanks for the recommendation. But still - OUT of PSL??

  7. Random question: where are Julia's boots from? Please say Target. I feel guilty even searching for tiny, used Uggs on eBay (but I still do it.)

    1. They are from Gap! But on eBay ... I think they were 7 dollars with shipping and worth every penny bc they go on easily and stay on ... small miracle.

  8. Adorable, as always! How you manage to capture all of these little moments never fails to amaze

  9. I came here to comment [again] about how Julia is my favorite fashionista on the internet, but I think now the more pressing issue is Sarah's comment about Sebastian's Halloween costume. That NEEDS to happen. Then you can work on introducing Julia to Suri Cruise.

  10. Can we get some more videos of Sebastian walking please?

  11. Can we get some more videos of Sebastian walking please?



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