And the coveted Grace Award for Best Costume goes to ....

31 October 2012

Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus.

aka Jessica and Reed (Riley?) in real life ...
(sadly, my bff+e Jessica's blog is private now but if you email her she'll let you in on her e-writings, I know it)

Not enough Jess? I know.

You can also read last year's birthday tribute
or about her visit to see us here
or her stellar post on infertility right here

Happy Halloween.

(and for my fellow don't-have-their-ish-together ... ten last minute costume ideas that I will be utilizing in a few hours)


  1. WOW!!!!!!! I thought Jess was a dude (but only in the first picture). I am impressed with her cross dressing.

  2. I thought her husband was the dude from America's Next Top Model. Haha.

  3. I thought her husband was the dude from America's Next Top Model. Haha.

  4. Why are they so good looking in real life? It's just not fair...

  5. I could never be as cool as they are!

    And the costume ideas? Genius. I call "bottle neck".

  6. Hahahahahah these are so funny! I wish I could do cool costumes. P.S. I stalked your wedding pictures the other day. SO AMAZING! I hope my wedding is as beautiful as yours was :)

    Happy Halloween!


  7. um, this is the MOST AMAZING transformation ever. i can't handle it!!!

  8. you must inform us what you decide to be! a late-to-the-morning-sickness-party fetus is preventing me from costuming this year...unless i want to go as linda blair...

  9. Ever since I saw that picture in Instafeed I've had nightmares. NIGHTMARES, I TELL YOU, JESSICA!
    Also, it makes me feel dirty.

    So yes, best Halloween costume ever!

    1. Ha! Why does it make you feel dirty? I am glad seeing me as an angry little man gave ya nightmares. All of our friends kept telling me what a great man I make. Perfect.

  10. I want to see your kids in costume! Will baby #3 be dressing up?! ;)

  11. Hilarious! Both of them are stunning. Reed cracks me up!



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