7 Quick Takes

05 October 2012

Joining Jen over at Conversion Diary for my favorite Friday ritual.

1. My 13-year-old sister posted this on el instagrammar last night ... made me audibly chuckle.

2. And another sibling take ... from a race my 15-year-old brother was in ... this isn't him but um ... holy ouch.

3. More and more strangers we encounter in public are asking if the kids are twins:
Maybe if Sebastian was an elf.

4. Julia is obsessed with all things butterflies ... "buh-fi wings" and "buh-fi cage" ... Simon gave her a piece of ribbon tied in a knot and told her they were butterfly wings and you better believe she didn't let those wings out of her sight for many an hour. Weirda.

5. I was holding Sebastian last night and Julia was rightnexttomyleg when Sebastian threw up (isolated incident ... praise be) and it landed all over Julia's arm. She assumed the worst, "poop!!!!" and f-r-e-a-k-e-d until I found it in my heart to scrub down the entire left side of her body. She is still talking about it and still washing her hands every 12 minutes... just to be safe. I don't know where she came from ... not my womb. 

6.  Did you enter the $100 Shopbop giveaway? You should.

7. Let's end things on a controversial note and talk about the weather: sunny and high of 82 yesterday and rainy and high of fitty today ... let the cabin fever begin.

Go see Jen for bigger and better (and a morning sickness cure!!) takes. 


  1. I LOVE Sebastian's raised eyebrow! He looks so mischievous! Maybe he was plotting the throw up move on Julia....

  2. Holy deer attack!!! Yikes. And never met anyone who also has an affinity for purposely mispronouncing 50, like I do. hehe. as far as assuming the worst...vom so much worse than poo in my bookaroo. Happy weekend! And thanks for posting three in 24 hours, although my coworkers did request I get down from my desk and stop cheering at the tippy top of my lungs. :(

  3. aaaah, oh my.... i'm so laughing :-) about bash the elf and point 5 !!! :-) you made my day!! :-)

  4. I'm almost sorry I watched the video- except for the raised heart beat levels and possibly calling it my "cardio workout" for the day! I second the raised eyebrow on Basher... total love. :) Happy Friday!

  5. #7 - talk about a swing in temp! I thought the 10 degree drop (high temp) we're supposed to experience this weekend was something.

  6. Basher's eyebrows! hahaha

    Also, I would love to see Grace get all political on us, just once! What would it sound like?

  7. "Maybe if Sebastian was an elf." Hahahahahaha!!

    My son used to call butterflies "butter fubbers". That still brings a smile to my face. (And many times that's my happy place when this now 9-year-old kid talks to me endlessly about why Minecraft is superior to Roblox.) Butter fubbers, indeed!

  8. 1. Twins?? Really?? People are Cra-zy sometimes.
    2. Your parents let your brother do scary skateboard racing??
    3. You MUST get Julia this.....

    I've done it with my kids - super easy. And they actually hatch. And make butterflies.

  9. People will ask you if two kids in tow are twins no matter their age, size, hair color or family affiliation. People are dumb. I mean....people are something charitable! And Kind! And I'm a nice person!

  10. Um, crazy video bordering on disturbing. Love it!

    My oldest two are 14 months apart. It's always a fun day when I can school people on the difference between ACTUAL twins and "Irish twins."

    I'm privileged enough to live in the city where the debates took place. I wanted to go find a cave in the mountains and become a hobbit for the week, but instead, I did actually just hide out in my kitchen and bake! Oh the irony. Although I did see one hilarious news clip attributing O's poor performance to the fact that he hadn't had enough time to become 'acclimated' to the high altitude like his opponent. Laughed until the tears rolled on that one...oh, this world of ours.

    Happy Friday!

  11. What is with the way boarders talk? Duuuude, could you be any more cliche? But that collision def. looked painful. It looked bad right away, but even worse in slow mo.

  12. I actually was posting about baking banana bread while everyone else posted about politics the other day :)

    And Sebastian has kind of a mischievous little grin on his face there... what's he up to?!

    I'm surprised that Julia isn't sitting in the butterfly chair in that picture too. Also, don't ever let her read Macbeth - handwashing fetish...



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