The second to last night

18 October 2012

of el hell float for Simone (and me! and you who have been so patient with my endless songs of praise for the month-o-delight!) was last night so we celebrated by risking a visit to dr. vampire. I don't like to exaggerate but it was basically raining elephants and killer whales by the time I got the kids dressed in semi-public approp clothing, (although Simon said Julia's outfit was "bordering on trashy" and after surveying what appeared to be powdered cheese stains on her white leggings and her boxy cropped unbuttoned polo ... I agreed) realized I had no idea where either set of car keys were, tore the house apart looking for the (curses!! many curses!!) keys, begged and pleaded with St. Anthony to help a motha out and was just about to pull out my big guns with promises of a possible namesake when I found them in the pocket of the vest I had been wearing the entire time, and loaded the kids up into the ark.

Right on Dad's heels ...
and right before a passing nurse asked a fellow nurse, "is that little girl wearing Uggs?"

no, she is not. 

We lucked out and found an empty and confined space where the kids could play in peace ...
and gentle harmony.

Sebastian refuses to wear a hat for more than .2 seconds but he can't quite figure out the complicated physics of the hood
it tricks him real good.

And now I'd like to wax wordy about the impending joy of the sheer variety that pulses through my veins at the mere thought of night float being over (until February when I should hopefully be joined by an ex utero security guard). Yes, I'd love to drone on about how there were many, many moments that sometimes stretched into a smileless and melodramatic hour or eight of self pity and (ridiculous now, ridiculous then) proclamations of yokes and burdens that were too much!! far too heavy!! me! me! me! You know I'd enjoy diving into all that but I'll resist, I guess.

Because it's almost over ...
... and Stella gonna get her groove back.
She's gonna get it back stat*.

*triple cheddar? don't care.

(that much)


  1. Feel better about Julia's semi-trashy outfit... Claire has taken to stripping and REFUSING to wear a shirt at home. This has translated into the realm of vehicles as well. She can undo the top buckles of her car seat so she now unbuckles and strips while I drive. Today, after dropping Gabe off at preschool, the car next to us start signaling to me to pull over with frantic hand motions that I took to mean 'naked unbuckled child in the back seat.' Did I pull over? Ne-vah.

    Come visit Nashville again. It'll make you feel better about your life.

  2. Yay for the laughs this morning Grace!

    If only they had a way for you to "family room in" with the assistance of those nurses that can notice Julia's shoes for the month of night float! Maybe in the Ronald McDonald House? ha!

  3. oh and as you know, we aren't Catholic, but the prayers to St. Anthony are many around here. It (he) works, even for heathens.

  4. I honestly think your kids are going to have such great memories someday of all of these trips, times alone with mama...and nighttime excursions. Life never seems to go how we plan in the beginning, but I've found it's all how you react to it in the moment. It looks like you make the attempts to survive this inconvenient schedule of yours and Simon's! That is so commendable...and hilarious when you share :) You're a good mama, mama ;)

  5. I would think the hardest part as a mother raising kids would be letting Simon sleep all day.

  6. Way to hold out on the namesake for St. Anthony. See, I cashed that chip in way too early! 6th grade. I lost my retainer at summer camp. Mom said don't come home if you lose it. Had to bring out the big guns. As a result, I am now currently sitting next to the fruition of that promise. Except I used it as a middle name. WOnder if that's cheating? Also, when I lost all of my research for a HUGE project in college, I had already promised my first born son, so I did the next best thing. I went to the chapel and promised St. Anthony that I would buy a fish and name it after him. Walk out of the chapel and some random girls asks if this very large binder was mine. Miracle. St. Anthony always answers the prayer promising a namesake. He's very into that apparently...

  7. OOOOOOOOOOOOMG I died when I saw the picture of "Drew" sitting on Sebastian.

  8. You are ridiculously funny. Love the pic of Julia riding Sebastian. Outings with kids are crazy in the moment but funny after the fact! You are so impressive for handling a toddler, an infant and pregnancy. Take care, Lauren

  9. You got the boots! Totally cute...

  10. I love the picture of Julia riding Sebastian. I am addicted to your posts as I will be a NFP-practicing med student wife next year. :)

  11. *throws confetti*
    Woo hoo!!! Night float is the worst. I rate it worse than trauma which is saying something for sure.

    Glad you get your partner in crime back!

  12. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and i love j's leggings-where did you get?

  13. Yay for the end in sight! And little Basher's feet poking out from underneath darn cute.



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