the Grands (finale)

24 October 2012

tickle tickle

Fell for the old "pushing is MUCH more fun than riding" lie.

 Favorite great aunt.

 Simon wouldn't let me post the photos of him hula-ing. Snore.

Despite Julia's helmet of two whole hair bows ... the hair puller reigns victorious.

The last of the incongruous vacation photos. Promise.

We're back and reporting live from our own turf after a mostly uneventful trip home. Simon only corrected my driving three whole times, Julia and her machine gun whines only warranted two "you'll be lucky if you live to see three!" threats, and Sebastian waited until we were a-a-a-a-a-lmost home to finally fall asleep which is never not annoying.

And now we are left with the serious conundrum of ... do we or don't we take the kids to the "non-scary, kid-friendly Boo at the Zoo" night that features (among lots of other bulleted points, of course) "a haunted hallow with sinister creatures beware!"



  1. once again the baby pictures are my crack! Thank you for posting the little fatty cakes! Looks like you guys had so much fun in the qc's.

  2. Oh my gosh...the tickling of the bum needs to be entered in some funny baby photo contest!

  3. That tickle tickle picture made me giggle.

    I vote yea on Boo at the Zoo. Mostly cause I love Halloween and have forced my children into many a "haunted" attraction. For their own good.

  4. Julia's piggies and Basher's inaprop fingers made my night.

  5. The tickle bum photo is too funny!

  6. I think you should do the haunted house AND post about it if only for the crazy comments you'll get from your whackadoo commenters! So kinda an evil intention...but it would be hilarious!

    And your grandma is the cutest!

  7. i was debating taking my 11-month old to Boo at the (Philadelphia) Zoo. now i say go for it! how old is Bash now??

    ps you are the cutest pregmom ever.

  8. We are such party poopers. We would give a big fat thumbs-down to the zoo thang...unless it was free. If it's free, you can't not go, even if your only reason is to have stories to tell of the pain and agony.

  9. Julia's boooooooots!!!
    You look amazing and gorgeous as ever! Hoola pics for the definite win.
    PS, your grandma has amazing style and I want her to adopt me. Haha. ;)

  10. Oh the hair-puller! I have a face-pincher in this family and we are all about ready to lose our minds! Poor little J. I can see Sebastian is quite fine with his newfound skill, though. Hey, at least it's not face-slapping!? Hand-biting? Right?

  11. Are Julia's blue-teal pants from old navy? Cuz I think I might've gotten the EXACT pair for Jordan about 2 hours ago. Because colored jeans for toddlers? Yes. Yes please.

  12. Great pictures. We have never done boo at the zoo, but we love the Purina Farms haunted(NOT) hayloft. Actually, there might be a part that's too scary, but it's lots of fun and they can play in the hayloft and pet the farm animals, see the dog show, etc. We always enjoyed it.

  13. Don't go to boo at the zoo! The lines are too long, the people are too weird and the candy kinda sucks. But I'm also known for my ability to never leave the house so...



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