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26 October 2012

Joining Jen and the givettes ... you know the drill.


Cuz I'm craftay.
I think it's called nesting.

No, I might not decorate a tree and wrap gifts for Christmas or grill burgers on Memorial day but the kids will remember me fondly as the mom that planned and executed elaborate displays of scary for Halloween. Costumes Schmostumes -- we've got fatty bats in the house. Be intimated.

2. Simon and I equally grossed each other out with our lunch choices yesterday. He said to "take it to the blog!!" to prove that I'm the grosser eater. His meal: mac and powdered cheese drenched* ** in ketchup (vom, vom, and vom again) and my meal: soy beans (edamame is the profesh name, I believe) and shredded mozzarella (admittedly not a fancy feast). You decide. I better win.

*Simon says he prefers "adult Fettucini alfredo with a light tomato sauce"
**Grace says he is delusional 

3. And typing of gross meals, Julia has eaten an entire apple - core, seeds, stem on two separate occasions this week. What does it all mean? I'll tell you ... it means that she has serious stomach ish at three in the am that a half awake Simon suggested we rectify by just "letting her get in bed with us".

Um. Hell to the absolutely never ever no. No.

Caged for life.

4. I think I'm going to need to demote myself from the torture that is Crazy J to the monotony that is Summer Sanders for the remainder of this gestational period. I usually just stare and pant during the ab minutes and even the modified moves are getting to be a little too much. I'll blame the physics of my bell and the anatomy of my lazy.

5. If you've had the pleasure of visiting our abode in the past month or so you probably saw that 60% of our spacious kitchen's counter space was occupied by this gleaming beauty ...
you like that little peek of blurred bat? I thought so.

because Sebastian's stomach does not discriminate and would go through and eat a handful of dryer lint, an entire banana peel, the squishy innards of a used diaper, coffee grounds, a waxy Q-tip, you get the appetizing photo. Before you suggest the logical: put the trash can in a cabinet ... I'll tell you that our cabinets are approximately tall enough to house coffee mugs and dwarves' newborns ... something I imagine broaching with the former owners that "completely remodeled and updated the kitchen" and even a bathroom trashcan would be a squeeze. Short story long? We finally sprang for a trashcan with a lid. I'll keep you posted on this and less exciting developments in the future.

6. Did you enter the shoe giveaway that ends tomorrow? I would.

7. Simon just learned the invaluable lesson to never ever blindly stick a finger in a diaper you suspect just might be soiled. I can't stop laughing.

And now I'm off to go do something even less productive with my life.

To Jen's with you.


  1. 2. You so win.
    7. Hahahahahahaa. Amateur!

  2. I saw those bats on the Dana Made It website and promptly set my minions ON IT. The result was something that very much looked like Picasso had taken to cutting cubist spaghetti out of black construction paper.

    I'm docking all my child laborers their pay for the week.

  3. #1 - Love the bats. My kids would be totally jealous.

    #2 - Your husband's lunch sounds disgusting. I don't care for mac and cheese anyway but the thought of eating it with ketchup on it really makes me want to vomit.

    #7 - I bet he does it again at some point. They just never learn!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. #7 happened to my better half this past week at the dentists off. No wipes, bathroom occupied...hubby was scared for life.

  5. I am not going to lie, I have eaten and enjoyed mac n cheese with ketchup, but only because tomato sauce was not available. ;)

  6. Well. Here's the deal. Simon's food was grosser, but it was a meal. Your APPETIZER NOT A MEAL was not nearly as gross...but where is your real food???? Oh. Em. Gee, I am such a pig....

  7. uhhh you totally win. simon's food choice is awful. the end.

    p.s. i love bats!

  8. that was supposed to say "the bats", i do not in fact love bats in real life.

  9. Ketchup on mac and cheese? I seriously may throw up at just the thought of that. Although I am morally against soy everything (thanks to Phil's info about soy, I will just leave it at that). Apparently Sebastian has developed similar eating habits to his father. Gross.

    I still can't believe you are exercising. Ok I'm lazy and REALLY need to start exercising. Like really. Maybe in 2 more weeks.

  10. Your banter with Simon cracks me right up. He sooo reminds me of my husband- mocks the blog, but secretly wants to be quoted on blog for his wit.

  11. My husband is also obsessed with mac n' cheese with ketchup. Vom. Glad someone else's husband is afflicted with the same strange condition. Your meal actually sounds pretty good!

  12. #2 you both lose. Gross to both.

    #5 if Sebastian is at all like my two boys...the lid will not deter. We had the trashcan on our counter for longer than I'd like to admit.

  13. mac and cheese with ketchup is way grosser. but to me, soy beans with mozzarella actually sounds good. plus its healthy, bonus.
    thanks for the mental break today! love your blog!

  14. I will even admit that mac and cheese with ketchup is grosser, sorry Simon.
    Also, Basher seemed to know the ways of the lidded trash can pretty well when you all were here, I would look into a lock of some sort...

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. I admit that I like the old powdered mac and cheese on occasion (yeah, it's bad for you, blah, blah), but the drenched in ketchup part is so not okay! To me, soy beans and mozzarella sounds healthier, for sure, but doesn't sound like a meal. I'm thinking neither of you win, sorry.

  17. 1. You are beating me. We have zero decorations, so this means you win.

    2. Fake mac and cheese. With ketchup. Excuse me while I gag to death. You win. I eat mozz and edamame fairly frequently. Sometimes even together.

    3. In response to the above commenter, apple seeds DO contain cyanide but it would take huge quantities of apple seeds to kill little J. Don't worry about it.

    4. You are amazing. I just sort of lay around and whine while pregnant. Exer-what?

    5. My parents finally got one with a locking lid. I've settled for just yelling everytime they approach the can. Works for me.

    6. I did.

    7. LOL. Been there, done that, got the stinky finger to prove it.


  18. Dwarves newborns...fabulous.

    Sadly, I credit the aforementioned dreary/boring x10 summer sanders and all her damn squats a tiny bit for the less than a million hours labor I experienced with the last kidlet...but she really needs the "no talking" option on the DVD...

  19. Sadly, my two year old son believes that ketchup is, like, from the fountain of life or something. So he would say your *blech blech* beans were worse. However, I will eat *almost not joking sadly* anything if you cover it with cheese. It's my spiritual gift. And so I think Simon's food is grosser. How's that for a good Canadian answer?

  20. Definitely bought that same prego workout dvd, and could not stop laughing when I first popped it in. In part d/t feeling ridiculous and 1/2 from the cheesy music playing. Completely agree w/ Christy about the "no talking" option, BUT for me the workouts supplement my exercise regimen of walking from the couch to the fridge.
    Also- please not ever mac n' cheese w/ ketchup!

  21. I only ever eat Mac and Cheese with BBQ sauce. Ketchup? That's blasphemy! So.. You win this one:) and for the record- I ate my m&c this way prepregnancy.. So I in no way can blame two little girls on that combo, lol

  22. i didn't eat a single fruit or vegetable until i was 21 (my poor mother...glad i don't believe in karma!!)..i survived solely on mac n cheese with ketchup and PB sandwiches (nojelly.. jelly = fruit). soooo... i say you win for grosser. love edamame, but no cheese...and, grace, edamame does NOT a lunch make.. especially if you are working out. had to say it, i'm sorry :(
    and ryder ate coffee grinds out of the trash just yesterday... and we have a lid. good luck with that!

  23. I admit to regularly stalking your blog and hardly ever commenting. I'm so sorry. I know the comments are half of the fun of blogging! Keep writing - you are GREAT at it! What got me to comment tonight was my falling off the chair laughter at your "hazmat suit" of NO CLOTHES since the kids had vomited all over you and them. You are HILARIOUS! I know these days are hard (I have 4 kids), but I honestly miss those days of little kids. (Our youngest is now 6) You are a TERRIFIC mom. BTW, it WOULD stink to be alone with only the kids on Christmas day. My husband travels a lot and we find the weekends difficult (sad/lonely) when he happens to be gone over a weekend. I'm so glad that you are having another - you will do GREAT with a 3rd! My only selfish hope is that you are able to continue blogging when bebe joins you. It gets only more fun and busy with more kids. Thanks for the laugh. I'm still chuckling!

  24. A Trash can with locking lid from bed bath and beyond was my mother's day present last year

    And your meal was more gross :)

  25. I've never heard of Summer Sanders! Do you like the workout?? I'm always looking for good suggestions in the prenatal dept :)

  26. As a mother of four you would think I had learner my lesson about finger in the diaper...nope..happened just yesterday.

  27. As a mother of four you would think I had learner my lesson about finger in the diaper...nope..happened just yesterday.

  28. Your bats are so cute! Ugh, Simon's lunch sounds horrible - no offense to him!! I love edamame.

  29. I'd eat the mac and cheese any day of the week. Even if it was ruined with ketchup.

  30. I gag at the thought of mac and cheese with ketchup. Gross. Reminds me of my sister when we were little and she would put ketchup on scrambled eggs. Double gag.

  31. Haha, I am so used to Summer I don't even think about her anymore. My favorite comment is "this is probably like your fourth pregnancy or something" since I used her all through that particular number pregnancy.

  32. 2. You win. Hands down.
    3. That's the way my daughter eats apples. No idea why
    5. Something for me to look forward to when my baby starts crawling in the next couple of months. Joy.
    7. Gross. But I've done baby had a blowout while I was eating pita chips and hummus so I licked my fingers to get the hummus off to clean her up - only it wasn't hummus on my finger. I was ill after that.

  33. Ellen eats apples cores and all too. Helps her poop. It's nice, really.

  34. LOL! I just read this post. I'm thinking maybe ketchup is one of those things associated with the Y chromosome... When I have to travel for work and ask my husband what he ate for lunch or dinner, his most frequent answer would be "rice with ketchup". Long story short, I think he puts ketchup on everything he can... I know! Weird.



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