What I Wore Sunday

28 October 2012

I think this sums up what Simon calls our 'very dysfunctional relationship' nicely. Are my eyes closed? I don't know. Is she gazing lovingly at her selfless caretaker? I don't know again. Do you want the name of my bronzing cream? I'm guessing that you do.

Linking up with the fancy females over at Fine Linen and Purple for the What I Wore Sunday linkup. I had so much fun giving everyone's Sunday 'fits an up-down last week that I thought I'd do what I do best and copycat copycat copycat. You should join the crazy too. I'm going to a baby shower in a few hours and after looking at this photo I'm wondering if I should maybe wash my tangled nest of locks. Probably.

the fundown:
scarf: gift from my Gram
vest: Ralph Lauren outlet
shirt: Target Maternity via Goodwill
pants: Forever XXI
shoes: Blowfish

the kids' Mass behavior grades:
Julia: A-
Sebastian: C+
(graded on a curve and I'm in an oddly generous mood)

Enjoy the last of your weekend if you must.



  1. Like a lot! Our latest trick for Mass is coming up with something to bribe them with. Good in church and you get to watch a movie later, etc. Its working well enough, but my boys are a little older. Know it's not the greatest thing, but it works for right now.

  2. So cute! I am on the hunt for a vest like that. When I find one I shall copy to my heart's content. :)

  3. Super cute! You both look great! Julia is so rocking that Burberry scarf! Suri Cruise has nothing on her!

  4. How CUTE are you! I wish so badly to be able to dress this way already. Texas doesn't exactly enjoy the fall weather as other parts of the country. and those shoes. I die.
    Your hair.. Looks good to me! (says the gal that is going on day three sans wash.)

  5. love! i'm totally getting the loving stares.

  6. where oh where did u get j's cute shoes!!!

  7. I love that you'll wear heels even with little ones to chase around! Those Blowfish wedges are darling, Grace! And I love that you and Little J are both sporting those adorable, chunky scarves. Perfect for autumn!


  8. 28 weeks prego- and still in regular pants! I bow to you, oh awesome one.

    Also, unrelated to fashion: love your "grading on a curve". Made me laugh!

  9. I am SO IMPRESSED that you are holding Julia in HEELS, while 28 weeks pregnant! They are adorable, and you are one determined fashionista. Hats off!

  10. Gorgeous. I'm looking at your picture and then looking at mine and wondering how yours looks so fashion blog and mine looks so amateur. I'll never know. Love your shoes!

  11. Oh, I love those shoes on you! Plus, the two scarves worn by Julia and yourself deserve some props. How cute :)

  12. I'm tellin' you - you have to do a post on how you take care of your hair. I haven't had long hair since I was a kid, and I'm not quite sure I am qualified to have it now.

  13. You are so darling I want to weep a little. And I love love love those shoes.



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