08 August 2012

1. survival mode at the tail end of a call weekend. judge away.
2. salvation

3. ninja pic of Simon heading to work in not pajamascrubs
4. shameless selfie with my 3 year old monster

5. tattling on Sebastian for getting into the peanut butter
6. tattling on Sebastian for being naked

7. harmony at beginning of shopping excursion
8. discord and separation at the end

9. Bake up, Basher!!
10. Go to hell, Basher.

11. encouraging him to continue onward to a dive and concussion
12. totally sold on the Costco sample

13. unsolicited visit to Simon at work ... his favorite
14. Sebastian doing what he does best ... ruining Julia's life without touching a thing

15. beat Julia to the nap wake up, like always
16. serious conversation with herself and her imaginary companions

Do you double expose your grams in an obnoxious post like I enjoy doing? Let me know and leave a link if you do because I'm a big creep and would love to see. Thanksalot.

(My name. What's yours?)


  1. Okay, that shot of simon carrying them both in his pajamascrubs is a total keeper. Like, 8x10 that gem!

  2. #14=awesome. That kinda meltdown happens at our house ALL.THE.TIME!

  3. ditto on the above comment.

    also, please go ahead and covet this honeymoon cabin with me:

    I think that if we had stayed there on our honeymoon cabin, we woulda made twins instead of the one *special* joy we have now.

  4. oops. on our honeymoon, not on our honeymoon cabin. what's on my mind?

  5. Haha, "go to hell Sebastian"-- so hilarious, poor Sebastian.

  6. I'm fairly certain that the interwebs hate me because I cannot for the life of me find the link you used to have from here to your instagram/webstagram site...which, of course, has reduced me to memorizing your URL in order to find the hilarious pictures and captions which I definitely like wayyy too much...

    Creeper status = 75

  7. Love the one about Sebastian ruining her life!! That will be her mantra until they are grown.

  8. #4 = priceless
    And I will never, ever tell you my instagram handle.
    Hey, thanks again for making the Instagram button for my blog, BTW

  9. Hahahaha! I particularly love the one of Julia tattling about the peanut butter. Just wait til they have boyfriends/girlfriends. Great show and tell.

    I need to make an instagram button for my blog.

  10. I love your daughter's little face. I also know how maddening such a cute determined face can be. Soon I will have four girls under six in my home. There's lots of screaming and tattling. Thank God for my one boy. I've left my blog and made my IG private due to, uh, family persecution, but my handle is alishiahanson. So creative. Lots of photos there and next week: a new baby with lots of photos!! Woot woot!

  11. Oh my gosh, thanks for the laugh. I particularly enjoyed the 7-10.

  12. The pics you get of your kids are so cute. I love the naked butt pic and the one of Julia running into her dad's arms for salvation ;).

  13. haha...You are so awesome!! I just love your blog!


  14. I am judging you...and you get a 10. It's survival.

  15. These are EXTRA cute pictures today!!! Basher is a fantastic nickname.

  16. I love your pics and captions. You always make me laugh. I miss the days when my baby was little.

  17. I love this! All of it! Hilarious and cute. 9 and 10 are giving me a giggle fit, and the fact that it's past midnight isn't helping.
    PS, what is your insta name again so i can for realsies follow you?

  18. I almost peed a little at Sebastian and the "tasty" treat from costco...apparently I am WAAAAAY behind the learning curve on the fact that you can do instagram on the web...serious??? I thought you could only do it on the phone!!! For. The. Love!!



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