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07 August 2012

In addition to:
 ~ saying "oh jeez!" and then "carefoh" under her breath every time she drops something or falls down
~ hypothesizing what exactly Sebastian may have eaten to make his diapers soooo 'sinky!!!'
~ asking me to apply her 'bake up' after I get her ladyship dressed
~ smacking her lips for 3 full minutes after the required gloss application
~ requesting dinner after she drinks her morning 'coffee'
~ commanding Sebastian to 'boove!!' when he is in her way 56 times an hour
~ making sure Sebastian knows that his age is 'zero' and that she is the mature age of 'mun'
~ announcing that we are going to "cost-go" every time we get in the car

Julia has all but super glued an old cellphone to her palm along with the usual and omnipresent empty bottle and blankie that go absolutely e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e she goes (so basically Costco, bed, and the basement) ...
 ... so that she can call and talk to a mute "bashee" who is generally a full five feet away from her person whenever she pleases.

Which basically means that she goes on serious and frantic high alert whenever one of the three go missing which is always loads of pleasant. 
(pretending to self soothe with the help of Sebastian's castaway that I wish wish wish she preferred to the ridic bottle)

They grow up so slow, I know.


  1. I thought they were supposed to grow up so much faster than this? I'm pretty sure my kids should be in college by now.

  2. My girls are constantly fighting over an old, dead iPod, which they think is a phone. I hear, "Auntie Kristie? Hello?" Then, "PHONE! PHONE!" Followed by high pitched screaming of, "bite!" Things round out with the other twin-monster saying, "Hello? Papa? Auntie Kristie? Papa? Hello?"

    Repeat 10-15 times a day.

    Always fun.

  3. Can you be any funnier about babyhood? You've got to be one of the best baby bloggers out there (quite an achievement!)

  4. Your posts remind me so much of my kids when they were little -- the funny habits and the way they talked. The archives of this blog are going to be priceless memories for your family. In the meantime, keep up the hilarity. Camp Patton is a very much appreciated bright spot in the day!

  5. The days go slow and the years go fast. Once they are in flies! Thanks for finding the humor in mommyhood :-)

  6. I have some extra old cell phones I can send you that are previous faves of my guys, who have (thankfully) outgrown them. Then you can pacify her with a different one if she loses one. And have one for Sebastian, who will want it desperately as soon as he figures out that it will drive her insane if he touches hers.

  7. Love my little baby lady. If she loves makeup that much, think how much she'll love it when I take her shopping! UNBRIDLED GLEE!

  8. Those pics are sooooo cute! And her dress!!! Darling.
    I love hearing the things she says and does.
    (And is it sick that it actually makes me excited to see Ellee at her age?)

  9. I would be so keen to hear Julia saying some of these gems on video, especially "oh jeez" and "carefoh" haha, sounds hilarious!

  10. I love that she is already making clear statements of the pecking order of power...clearly if you're zero you're at the bottom of ever.ry.thing.

  11. I just have to say that in the mid-afternoon when I am getting really distracted at work, I always hope to find a new post from you so I can look at some crazy/adorable pictures.... and my office mate always wonders why I'm laughing!

  12. Seriously, she is ridiculous cute!

  13. Man oh man! Aren't kids the greatest?! Rofl. I have a three year old who (for some odd reason or another) has begun to channel Michael Jackson by saying "HE he!" and a 6 yr old who told my husband "well of course I can't do it by myself. I'm only 6 for cryin out loud!" then there's my 4 yr old. Poor guy is always " starving to deaf". We're looking into that! You guys always crack me up! Have a great day...

  14. My niece started singing Humpty Dumpty whenever she is doing something precarious. We try to get to her before Humpty breaks his crown.



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