7 Quick Takes

31 August 2012

Joining Jen and her army of takers today. 

1. Have you seen Meg's (the most talented craftess in all of the land) insanely impressive saint dolls? As soon as Julia can get it through her thick skull that Juan Diego (of Guadalupe) and Diego (of Go, Diego, Go) are not the same person ... perhaps I'll reward her tiny step toward common sense with the patron of hopeless cases.

2. Do you have a blog? If so, do you ever look at what people search to land on said blog? I checked and this is what I was running with this morn ...

Lots of solidarity for the Pattons, I guess.

3. If there were a for families I am fairly to very positive that we would be matched up with these folks (they'd be dating down, of course). I'm loving that Jenna has started posting regularly and that I can feel better about the occasional curse that Julia might let slip. Now if only we could figure out how to move Saint Louis to Omaha or vice versa ...

4. We can all rest easy as the cheating rumors I typed of last week are apparently false (in case you don't read the internet and are not already privy to this heady bit of news). Jacque very kindly sent me this cellie shot from Starbucks in Charlotte of Jemily (Jef to her RIGHT - I believe).
Just keeping things fresh, worth your while, and deep. As always.

5. A few days before Sebastian turned a fat 10 months old he started Frankensteining around the house. This is a full four months earlier than Julia could be bothered to walk and so I should probably cross stitch "Prodigy" to hang over his portacage. What? You've never encountered an obnoxious mom? Welllllllll, welcome to Graceland.

6. Simon assures me I am completely crazy and absolutely wrong but I have self-diagnosed my left forearm with PUPPS - I'll spare you a photo but if it spreads anywhere weird I'll be sure to document and share immediately.

7. Did you enter the Shabby Apple giveaway? I hope so and I hope you win.

And now I'm off to drum my fingers on a hard surface while waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for Simon to get out of a case he didn't know about until it was too late to adjust nap schedules and rearrange our lives to accommodate the selfish patient's surgical needs so that we can flee to Wichita for the weekend. Hopefully we get there before sunrise tomorrow morning but I'm not holding my selfless breath.

If I sound annoyed, I can assure you that I most certainly am.




  1. I don't recall you running this Wichita junket by me. Who will provide me with inbox entertainment all weekend? And on a HOLIDAY WEEKEND? You're lucky I've already made other plans, Patton. Verrrry lucky.

    Oh, and my SIL had PUPPS
    wait, what? JL just came up to me and deposited a half chewed Crucifix at my feet. Have to run.

    1. It's totally appropriate to treat combox exchanges like email, right?

  2. I need to go check out my most frequented key words now. So funny.

    Can't believe Jacque saw my fave couple! Jeal. So happy the rumors are false...I can go on with my life.

  3. A very belated sorry for the poop incident...SO disturbing to see as a mom, and hard to even decide whether to tell them about that when they are older-Julia would have some serious leverage in high school.

    Also- I stumbled across both Jef & Emily on Instagram (sad & pathetic? yes) and they are still happily posting pictures of each other together as well. All is right in the world.

    Have a great trip!!

  4. My mom's headed to W town for the weekend as well. If see a really frazzled woman driving around, just honk and smile.

  5. K. So I got:

    conversion+randoms+things+house oh, and levis. Riveting, eh? Happy Travels to the Patton Party!

    1. Oh and when you said you had diagnosed yourself with pupps I thought you meant you were having a litter. It's okay though, I googled it and now completely understand. And thanks be to God that I did not know such a thing existed during my four pregnancies or I am sure I would have had it a dozen times! Fo realz!

  6. Thanks, biggest fan! My searched words are soooooo much less interesting.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. JEMILY! They need their own reality TV show so that I have others ways to stalk them than just Twitter and the like.

  8. Holy Crap!!!
    My Search Keywords this week are the following:
    1. Jennifer lopez hands
    2. purgatory shoveling poop
    3. da na na na na naaa
    4 my orthopedic shoes
    5. salt water sandals... (I don't care about this one)
    6. boring

    Why didn't I check this earlier!
    PS. I was born and raised on St. Louis IMOs pizza and whenever I read your blog I want to ask if you are a fan of IMOs or a hater. There are two camps and the feelings on both sides are strong..

    1. lol, I always think the same thing. I was born and raised on it, too. Well, that and Ted Drewes.

    2. I like it!! I don't love it -- but won't ever refuse a slice or 10.

      but I do LOVE Ted Drewes ... I'm happy we have to drive a considerable distance to get to one otherwise I'd be in big trouble.

  9. So you may pass mi familia up on the highway as they are headed westward as well. You could just drive a mere 3 more hours and join the organized chaos we will be having ;)

  10. Oh God, hoping it's not actually pupps! Had that with my first and can't imagine suffering that with two already running around. I took about three showers a day just for temporary relief. Let's hope your husband's right. I've got some weird tips for you though if it turns out you're right and you get desperate.

  11. It never fails that someone comes to my blog by searching something about "Tangram". I only put a little picture of one in ONCE during a little blurb in a 7 QT post many moons ago, and it's STILL the most popular search result.

    Oh, I googled PUPPS, took one look at the image results and immediately had to close the page. I think it's best that I start freaking out about pregnancy AFTER I'm actually pregnant, that way I can't talk myself out of it. Yes?

  12. I'm am dying over your search keywords. My fave of all time: Elmo has a panic attack. That pretty much sums up our house.

  13. I hope with all my heart that you don't have PUPPS, I would not wish it on anyone. I think you will know soon enough if it spreads over several more larger surfaces of your body. Again, seriously hope that doesn't happen. Have a super fun time in Wichita!



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