7 Quick Takes

10 August 2012

1. It was the end of a happy era a few days ago when Julia stopped calling Sebastian "basher" and graduated to "bash-jen". Hopefully he can live up to the sophistication of the new moniker ...
someday soon.

2. The above photo procures precious mems of the classic ditty I like girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch ... (except the girl is a boy wearing Weebok and the song is officially called Summer Girls) but ... run wild with me, it is Friday.

3. Am I the last person on earth to attempt the no heat curl trick? My hair is the worst worst worst ever ever ever ever at holding any sort of curl/style and while it didn't perform miracles or change any games like it did for Melissa, I semi-liked the results and it takes about 2.3 minutes to do and I'll keep on doing it because I'm mediocre like that.

4. Ah. The kittens are starting to stir and the end of nap time is nearing. My favorite.

5. Let's see ... here's a stunning pic of me and two of my (guess who?) brothers and the stroller ridden from this morning.
Why we chose this picturesque backdrop to photograph the precious moment when we were on a really pretty college campus is a conundrum that will forever plague my soul (along with why Andrew is rocking my purse).

6. Any Benedictine College bound ladies this fall? Unless there is something he isn't telling me ... Paul (on the left) is an eligible bachelor who happens to be heading that way in just a matter of days ...

7. Okay the needlings are serious now.


Go see Jen for bigga and betta takeage. 


  1. OH! That fat baby scratching his tummy makes me happy beyond happy. As does the picture in my head of J saying bash-jen.

  2. Ugh. I'm so lazy that I hate it when you post link posts. Why? Because neither of us know how to make links come up in a distinct window, so that means I have to click to go over there, then CLICK BACK to come read the rest of your post.
    See? Excruciating, right?
    So set one of your siblings on figuring out the HTML code to make links come up in a new window.
    (p.s. "Don't click on them" isn't an option. If not for your links, I'd never ever ever learn anything new)

  3. I need a no-heat de-curl trick. You got one of those for me? Eternally grateful in advance...

  4. I hope your brother likes Benedictine! I'll be a junior there this fall. PS, that pic of Sebastian in absolutely priceless :)

  5. Too bad your brothers live so far away. I have some single sisters, I'm attempting to match make for ;)

  6. I'm always a little sad when mine give up some cute "babyism" that the entire family has adopted as a real world. But "bash-jen" is cute, too. And so are your brothers.

  7. I just really really want to squeeeeeze Basher. Like for reals. He is so precious.

  8. Tengo dos hermanas attending Benedictine this fall. We could be in or out-laws if they wed.

  9. Hi Grace!
    Super random - I'm about to have #2 (17 mo. apart from #1), and naturally am on the hunt for a good double stroller :). I've been admiring yours - what is it? Do you like it??? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Katie,

      It's a Phil and Ted's (from craigslist) and I love it. I run with it every single day and it is totally worth its weight in gold. 118% approval from me.

  10. bash-jen is the the happiest baby, so cute. that LFO song is now stuck in my head. ha!

  11. My offer to adopt See Bass still stands. Just throwin' that out there. And yay for a new Raven! Also, haven't tried that new curling method. I just made a sock bun and have yet to turn it into an actual bun. Attempting tonight

  12. you know what is less than mediocre and more like really sad? i am growing out my hair just so i can do that trick. it looks so easy and effortless which is all i really ask for in a hair routine.

  13. Out of all the "Quick-takes" on my reading list, I just keep coming back to yours, cuz I have to look at that adorable pic of Sebastian one more time. ;)

  14. ok so i tried that no heat curl trick once. alicia and i were SO pumped about it before we went to bed. then i woke up with an afro, and had left no time before my yoga class for hair to yoga i went with a knot of afro hair. i hope you had better results. i did just see this video, and am anxious to try it.

  15. I admit, I might miss hearing about "Basher". Just seems like such an appropriate name for the younger brother who gets into everything. Don't know any ladies on their way to BC right now, but I have two sisters that graduated from there and loved it, so I hope it goes well for him, too. One sister spent the summer of her 21st birthday there, and the monks took her to the bar. If nothing else, it's an awesome school due to the proximity of the monks!



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