Leave it to Peter

12 August 2012

(warning: this post contains partial and appropriate nudity)

Last night we had my grandma's delicious lasagna for dinner and Sebastian ate enough to satisfy his future 17-year-old self which left a little bit of a mess on his nine-month-old person. I heard someone laugh and say that Sebastian was, "getting the food washed off very thoroughly" so I squinted my eyes and put on my momtective cap and went on a search mission to find him.

And find him I did. In his birthday suit and in the pool with Uncle Peter ...
... loving life.

And when his chin started quivering because the pool was cold and it wasn't exactly hot outside and we took him out and toweled him off ...
... we had a little hypothermia addict on our hands.

So he conned a different cousin, an uncle, and another birthday suiter into joining him for another toasty dip ...
... looks fun but never would I ever. Thanks though.

(Clothed baths enjoyed from the comfort of the indoors are more my speed).


  1. Oh my cute. Your children slay me.

  2. That last pic of them both is so cute, love Julia's grin. Yay for water babies!

  3. HA!! I need a pool for after dinner dips. My kids start swimming in the ocean when it's June, and the water is still freezing up here. I think it's why kids have baby fat.

  4. Awww :( I'm sad I had to leave so early !



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