Same song, different verse

21 August 2012

as yesterday. We stay at home Pattons just can't get our ship together and sailing this week.

Julia seriously sliced the bottom of her foot somehow (I'm not ruling out Sebastian's 4.2 vicious teeth) and needs me to "hode you" which is Julia for "carry me to my next desired location because my injury is far too great for me to do it myself" at all times, Sebastian's always reliable cheery disposition peaced the freak out, and I have no excuse for my day's nonexistent productivity. Maybe just a severe case of la-la-la-lazy.

So I'm relying on my go-to crutch post of links ...

I was sort of to a lot wary of the resurrected denim jacket trend until I saw this post. Sold.

Julia just sent Suri a BFF+E necklace ... I hope she accepts.

How can you not love this post by Tricia?

Do you read Emily's blog? You should - if only for Anna's priceless expressions.

Ashley is hosting another support swap ... get in on it now.

If there were one blogger that I wish would magically start blogging again ... it would absolutely be my sister-in-law not-busy-at-all blushing-bride-to-be Mary. A SAHM can dream.

And this is about as far as Sebastian is getting in the walking department. Slow poke.


  1. The jean jacket does look cute paired with that lovely skirt, but I'm still a little scared if the denim trends rise to their full potential

    Denim things that scare me:

    and then I see this and I'm less scared...

    Still a little wary though.

  2. Oh, now my afternoon is complete! I've been sitting here wishing you would post and wondering how pathetic that makes my life if that's really true!

  3. I realized recently that your children are both named names I very seriously considered for my own kids, esp because the names appear in brideshead, which is one of my fav books; and I still have a name you have yet to use from that book on reserve if I should happen upon another child.

  4. Agreed... Mary's blog is my favorite! Hopefully she starts blogging again soon with all the awesome wedding details (which will of course be done to perfection because it's Mary!)

  5. Did you see the picture that's been attached to Emily's electronic business card? I don't even know what an electronic business card is, but I laughed so hard I was crying.
    Mr. Peanut in the house, yo!

  6. Wait, whoa. He's standing alone?! Don't think Evie will be anywhere near to that for her first birthday.

  7. I didn't know jean jackets were out. Crap. Ok, I am going to briefly not like them then like them again.

  8. I look for a jean jacket every time I'm thrifting!!! it's just not to be right now, I guess.

    I didn't realize they'd gone out - but then again, i prefer the darker jean color to the light ones. And no maxi skirt for me. I'd look maxi-waisted.

  9. How badly do you want that chiffon skirt now? I know.



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