7 Quick Takes

17 August 2012

1. I have to make these rapido extro because Simon is going to come home soonish and I should have everyone packed and ready to hit the road back to see the grands in Illinois for the weekend. If your short term memory serves you correctly we were just there but this time I'm dragging Simon along so that I can complain in English in the car when the kids are smiling extra large and I'll know he understands both my tone and my words. He's so excited.

Here is a nice pic from last weekend ...
Julia, her great grandma, and her omnipresent bottle on their way to feed the fearless hissing geese on the Mississippi.

And here is a nice pic of Sebastian admiring said fowl ...
... he loved them.

2. I can't thank you skin care consultants and disc jockeys enough for all of your wonderful recommendations on Wednesday. I ran a whole 2.2 minutes longer with the help of my new tunes yesterday and today and I will definitely keep you posted when my face potion gets here and erases all my wrinkles and turns me into a spry teenager.

3. Photo filler from last weekend . . .
Sister Emily, Mother Bettina, Me Grace, Clinger Julia, and Sebastian who is probably clapping for himself for clapping.

4. Pass.

5. Honest (albeit polite!) opines on blog Facebook pages? yay or go away?

6. Digging deep ... I found the perfect (better than Essie, OPI etc) nail polish. Cue excitement. Simon would argue that it looks clear but it is the perfect hue of nude and only requires one coat and dries quickly for when your kids insist you paint their nails but what they really want to do is eat the paint off their nails .3 seconds after your patient and loving application. A true winner ... Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure in CafĂ© Au Lait. Get it. 

7. We'll end things on a high note with Simon's afternoon snack report from yesterday ...

That's all. 
I hope you have a mediocre rest of your day.  

Go see the lovely Jen at Conversion Diary for more. 


  1. First comment, yo! *wallowing in giddy excitement*

    Okay, yes on fb blog pages. I love them. Love to like them. Like to love them. Etc.

    Which serum of youthfully youthfulness did you choose, mon cherie?

  2. Liked you on FB. Mostly because I'm addicted to FB. And to your blog. No opinion on whether it's good or not, mostly because I don't care about other people's opinions one way or the other. Much. Have a good weekend!

  3. good luck w/ the Paleo....tried it but the hubs scrapped it after, and i quote, "losing in the bathroom for 5 days in a row." turns out he was getting his fiber from bread products. so now we just pretend to less grains but in reality...we don't. oh well.

  4. Ha, butterfingers. Deeeelciious. And always getting stuck in my teeth.

  5. Cavemen were stupid.
    Given the chance, they would have eaten the hell out of some pizza and Butterfingers.
    Also fact.
    Caveman expert

  6. Just wanted to stop being a lurker and unveil myself... I love your blog! I stumbled on it about 3 weeks ago and have been compulsively reading it ever since....

  7. um i hope theyre ok bc i already liked you. typin like a teen cuz babes on lape. squirm town.

  8. Hmmm...think blog fb pages are a little stuck up. I don't follow any. Of course, who cares what I think. Do what you want to do :)



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