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02 August 2012

In the unfortunate event that you haven't discovered these web rubies allow me to introduce you to two of your new favorite ladies in absolutely no particular order.

If ever anyone were to convince me to start cloth diapering (miracle) it would most definitely be adorable Kate.
She blogs over at The Rhodes Log about her life as mom to sweet 1-year-old Jake, wife to tall Jacob, and teacher (professor?) to many college kids. As my sister-in-law Mary (who knows her in real life - lucky duck) puts it, "Kate is a wordsmith!" and I completely agree. She just ran a half marathon which moved her right on up to idol status in my little black book and if ever I need a really good laugh I just go back and read this post. Blog platinum that never gets old. Go see Kate and please .... remem-ber .... me.

Farrah (sister to Sheena) and I actually went to college together and I wish I had gotten to know her better but I'm so happy she keeps the most fantastic blog writing about life as mom to beautiful Claire and wife to Patrick.
Her meals are so delicious looking and I am eternally jealous of her healthy eating/cooking habits. I think she feeds her family more vegetables in one sitting than I do in one month. Sad and impressive. She has a stellar eye for taking stunning photos of everyday life and she (somehow!!!) managed to sort of potty train Claire at a mere 7 months old without really even trying. She makes wine, she makes laundry detergent, she makes me want to be a better person. Just kidding, maybe. Go check her pretty blog out. Ahora.

And while I generally (always) cringe at the bold questions at the bottom of blog posts ... let me know if there are any must-reads out there in the big bad blogosphere that I might be missing.

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  1. I love new blogs to read! And since I try desperately (in spurts) to eat healthy (when I feel like it), I was really excited for some new recipes. Then I got a little overly excited when I saw Farrah's recipe for Falafals and Tahini sauce cause I realized I could totally make both low-iodine.

    I get excited easily these days.

  2. I just found your blog AND you gave me more blogs to look at! PERFECT! So glad to find some new friends and reads.

    the Reverie blog

  3. Thanks for the new blogs. I hang out at DarwinCatholic, Castle On The Sea, Betty Duffy, and Pentimento's blogs. I can't code, but you can find any of those easily by searching. Oh, and Pleasantview Schoolhouse. Her food and photography is amazing.

  4. oooh i'm checking these out right away! i feel like the same way about the bolded questions at the bottom..though i think i've been guilty of it a few times in the past(i felt like i had to! don't hold it against me!)

  5. I know Kate in real life too! Sadly, her sophomore romance with my brother-in-law was short-lived and she is not a member of my family, nor does she live within 30 miles of me like she did for one year post-college, but at least she has a blog that I can stalk her on!

  6. Thanks Grace:) It's really a shame that we didn't hang out. Might I suggest you relocate your family to Florida??
    Ps. I see such a resemblance of Claire in Julia's pictures lately. (I suppose it's the blonde.. Perhaps one day she will look like our child..)

  7. is a great blog. I love their pictures and hilarious stories!

  8. i don't think i realized farrah had a blog! i also wish i was better friends w/ hr in college. so crafty and cute!

  9. Kate is one of the most kindred of all kindred spirits, and I love her blog too! And how cute is baby Jake??


    Maybe you've seen this blog. But I thought you might appreciate if you have not...

  11. I love Kate! I went to school with her. And her husband. They rock. Good call, Grace.



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