Last Night

11 August 2012

I present to you a photo dump of last night's family reunion revelry complete with wordy and mundane captions. Have fun!

My mom's rental car. She asked for the 'smallest compact car available' not knowing 'compact' really meant 'toy' and she swears the photo online looked a lot bigger. She and my five younger siblings in attendance have been enjoying the ample leg room. Her pictured beverages of choice? Mike's Hard Lemonade, mini bottle of red wine, and Target generic formula ... party's all here!

Sturgis badbottoms.

the younger and funner cousins

just being young and fun

The drinkers and spectators: aunts, Gram, granddaughters, great grandkids, and my mom's attention grabbing snaps not fooling Sebastian one single bit.

my siblings (here we have Auntie Em) were hellbent on getting Sebastian to take a step (he was not compliant)

Julia rocked her loose fit denim

stillllll not budging


Julia's new favorite and oh so imaginative game: "I'm gonna get you"

My mom reacting to my dad surprising us because he couldn't make the trip due to unforeseen work obligations. Little did my mom realize that she had completely forgotten to cancel his flight reservation and thanks to the airline's text message notification 24 hours before the scheduled flight ...

... voila. Magic, sort of.

Sebastian was super stoked.

And if you're up for it ... a little minute clip of the fam trying to get Sebastian to walk (again!) complete with cheerleading moves, my cackle, and cracker bribes. Rated G. 


  1. Your family is so fun!! Big families rock.

  2. I wanna be your relative. Or at least a neighbor. Because I'm creepy like that.

  3. So fun! I have only been at this mom thing for 7 months, but I say over and over that hands down one of the best parts is watching the people you love most love your child. And your kids are positively surrounded ;)

  4. My favorite picture (besides the one of your mom being surprised with your dad) is the shot of all the spectators. The best part are the mattresses you can see all piled up against the windows behind you. Like you turned your grandma's house into squat for an army of homeless people.

  5. your family looks pretty awesome!

  6. Okay, that car is so freaking awesome. But really, this is all so fun looking!

  7. Well, duh. Who doesn't like "I'm going to get you"?? Fun for everyone involved. Especially if your child is a squealer.

  8. That video is hilarious. Sebastian is so unfazed by all the pressure. Can he walk? He's so good at standing!



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