the weekend

04 September 2012

Let's see where did I leave you hanging? Was I waiting patiently for Simon to get out of an unscheduled surgery so that we could hit the road? Yes, that was it.

Well ... five hours after our scheduled departure time I (Saint Grace of Saint Louis) had had enough fun for one afternoon. I loaded the kids into the new 2004 luxury family vehicle (in the pouring rain which makes it all that much more dramatic and maddening - of course), made a quick dinner trip through a drive-thru for waffle fries and milkshakes which fueled my flight (at a semi-safe speed, worry not) into the hospital parking lot with my middle fingers at attention and ready for action.
Precisely - but I think my hair was in a mommytail.

Fortunately Simon called j-j-j-j-ust as I put the cruise ship in park and I was forced to keep my cool and carry on with my calm blah whatever blah.

So we made it to Wichita circa 2 in the am and the kids were actually the most well-behaved they've ever been on a road trip (which is saying absolutely nothing). As expected, we had a wonderful wonderful weekend with Simon's family who spoiled us with the best food and best time and best wine and best everything.

Sebastian kindly filled Frankie's love bucket ...

... multiple times.

Julia hated all the attention from her grands.

And Powder enjoyed breaking into the preschool playground with his sisterwife.

We were insanely disappointed not to get to meet up with Ben and Kelly Jo but Ben was held hostage for an ungodly number of hours at his hospital and he was simply too busy trying to sleep for his whopping 5 hour break between trillion hour shifts to make it happen. Residency is just one big never ending picnic-o-delight and don't try to tell me otherwise.

We made a quickish detour on our way home to see my brother Paul at his new home at Benedictine where he is residing in the dorm affectionately nicknamed "t-nasty" (short for Turner Hall, apparently).

Paul and Simon in matching uniforms sharing an easy convo and not laboring to breathe while I nearly died of a little condition called, "hill climbing in the heat."

The survivor with her son and brother. 

Now you know about our weekend and you can go see if you won that Shabby Apple giveaway.
And then I hope you have a nice rest of your day.


  1. Thankful you made it back for the post Isaac Missouri heatwave we are currently NOT enjoying. Ick, sticktastic!

  2. How many years does residency last or doeshe have to go?? Sounds like a nightmare

  3. Oh how I remember walking that hill in the humid air in Atchison for the first few days. Stinky and sticky! Does Atchison still stink? Something from the brewing for McCormicks if I remember.
    Your brother is living in the same dorm I lived in as a freshman and sophomore, St. Augustine in those days, for girls. It wasn't in the best shape, oh so many years ago!
    Glad to see you made it to Wichita, Atchison, and back home safely. Sebastian kissing Frankie after he was smelling the grill tray was pretty impressive. Wish mine was so clean!
    Great pictures.

  4. Sweet Baby Jesus, you did NOT type, "Powder and his sisterwife", did you?
    Because if you DID, then I will quit blogging for the rest of my life, since there is nothing funny to say, ever, after that.
    You win.

    1. Still laughing at that... "powder and his sister wife". I will undoubtedly think of it a few times over the next 24 hours and laugh to myself.

  5. Math used to be hard for me, but I have studied hard these many years and have this wisdom to share from the far off kingdom of Post-residency and fellowship: Residency (no expectations + wine) - strict adherence to any schedule = sanity. Keep on keepin' on! I love your version of this season.

  6. I love your top .... random I know.

  7. I wish we could have seen you too! Hopefully the next time you're in town trauma will be just a memory of the past!

  8. I want to move close to you and be your best friend!!! Lol! Your sense of humor is amaze-balls!



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