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02 May 2012

I thought it would be fun (for me, probably not for you) to update this list and share some of Julia's evolving vocabulary ...
(I spy one shoulder length mullet)

swing (singular, pictured above) - swiss
swings (plural) - swiss
dad - dada
mom - mama! mama! mama! mama!
pants- pass
pacifier - pass
up - up
out - up
hold me - up
get me out of this bleeping car seat - up
grandpa - papa
Uncle Paul - papa
grandma - papa
phone - papa
sugar - cake
cook - cake
cookies - cake
food - foof
food - pwease
food - eat
Sebastian's food: ewwww
Sebastian's diaper: ewwww
poop - poop
diaper - poop
potty - poop
excuse me - poop
burp - poop
peek-a-boo - bridge-ee-ta
nigh nigh - bye
bed - bye
bye - bye
welcoming words to any babysitter - bye

and reserved for oddly deep voice:
trash - torsh
Sebastian - bash

You don't have to tell me ... baby genius.


  1. She's smiling! Or at least connivingly smirking...

  2. Bridge-ee-ta is my favorite, for sure! Until almost 20 months, my girls mostly just said, "mah," which meant: mom, dad, milk, up, food, mouse, monkey and pacifier. Context clues were very important in our house.

  3. peek-a-boo - bridge-ee-ta

  4. Does she look pleased with herself on that swing or WHAT! And I love her mullet.

  5. Ha! The twins have the funniest words for things right now too.

    Grandma = Papa
    Granpa = Papa
    Shoe = sthu
    Not tired = Not stheeepy
    Pop Tart = Pop Pop (or, what we have every morning because I'm a terrible mother.)
    Dress = gweeeeeees
    One more time : Um mor times! Usually said in an extremely whiny voice when mommy doesn't feel like swing anyone up in the air again.

  6. Ellen has one word right now: "Roar!" I'm not sure if that is a word because it isn't human.

  7. very impressed. only one phrase i was confused about. what is nigh nigh?

  8. Hahaha! Julia never disappoints!

  9. This post elicited much needed laughter after some tense and irritating times. Drama in the jury!

  10. I'll pay top dollar (in the form of imaginary currency) for audio of Julia's guttural "Bash". Extra fake money if it's video.

  11. Laughing out loud as usual. Love the "bridge-ee-ta" ???
    I can totally imagine that oddly deep voice and I don't even know what her voice sounds like.



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