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07 May 2012

Long before Simon and Grace formally met and were officially Simace, they spent several summer vacations, holidays, and breaks from college making priceless memories in the Quad Cities with their respective grandparents. Both of their moms grew up in Moline and much of Simace's first correspondence revolved around Quad Cities stories and they love being able to go back together. I'm going to stop talking in the third person now. You're welcome for the confusion.

Now our grandparents share great grandchildren Julia and Sebastian and we were fortunate to enjoy a trip up to see them this past weekend. The stay was far too short but we all loved seeing my grandma and Simon's grandpa and introducing little tiny Sebastian to the two of them. We ate like kings, drank margaritas and Moscato, rode Grandma's giant tricycle, watched Sebastian plank on plush carpet, and took zero photos . . .
1. attention, sunshine, sleeveless onesie -- Sebastian's heaven
2. lap 1 of 356
3. slowly loosening her death grip
4. all day, every day
5. Tipper the dog gets fresh with Hulk the baby
6. domestic goddesses
7. "Papa!"
8. One of these is not like the others

We obviously had a horrible time.

PS - Gram, I'm sorry again for scaring you to half death with Julia's sound machine "waves" -- I guess it does sort of sound like very heavy breathing.


  1. The giant tricycle pictures are AMAZING. Especially the first one. It is begging for background music.

  2. Are you matchmaking your grandparents? I think you should. They are so cute! I love how you're smiling and Julia is crying in that last one. Real life moment. :)

  3. How fun to spend time with your grandparents! Love your teeny-tiny baby's planking.

  4. Ugh. Sound machines. I love them and I hate them. But mostly, I love them.

  5. Sebastian and the dog!! Heartwarming.

    Next up: a visit to AZ! Right?

  6. Love the bike...and I want one!!

  7. Oh, Moline!! How we love Moline! I can't wait to take our family back there again. This weekend we took Tagg up to the local JD dealership for his bday, but it was nothing like out there.

    I love the bike pic!! Precious! I can't believe how fast the bebes are growing up!
    Looks like a great trip! :)

  8. Every single picture is my favorite. But the one of Simon pulling a Brittany with Sebastian on the trike is my extra favorite.
    And upon re-reading that previous sentence, I'm afraid the reference will be lost and people will think that I think Julia's name is Brittany.
    And that I have poor grammar skills.

    I'm going to blame this whole comment on Percoset and wash my hands of it.
    If only I could spell "Percoset"...

  9. The photo of Sebastian and the dog is so funny!
    @Cari: percocet? where you commenting from the hospital?

    1. Ok that reads wrong so:
      @Cari: Is it spelled percocet? OMG you're in the hospital getting induced?!
      Not: percocet? are you a junkie?

  10. your pics rock!! also, i really want to see my grandparents now. and rock my sleeveless onesie.

  11. Ha...Simace...I call my marriage (much to my husband's-Ryan-chagrin) "Ryrah." However, we haven't yet gone viral in US Weekly. Don't know why not.

    And I want one of those bicycles.

  12. Ha, Julia is adorable in that little apron. And I think it's funny she needs a sound machine to sleep. My Little Guy (4 now) still needs a REALLY loud fan in his room for background noise or he's up all night long.



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