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29 May 2012

almost got him. on the brink of mother's helperdom. I'm sure.
[unrelated to post - I just thought this photo might improve your quality of life because it is so unlike all the rest of the photos I post]

*[also unrelated but most importantly] ... go peep Cari's Snapshots from a Sunday post ... never not a treat.

About once every few weeks the kids both have a really bad night. It's as if they conspire to make the few peaceful hours of our lives pure misery to keep us on our tippy toes. I do a good job of blocking those awfuls out but this morning I found my pillow at the bottom of the stairs as evidence of the torture. I'm the world's worst, lightest, and most high maintenance sleeper and definitely require a pillow or ten to slumber and I don't remember why or how the pill got there. At all. Ohhhhhh, the things that plague me. Julia sleeps downstairs (to protect me from predators when Simon works nights) and Simon said I was probably just suffering a little bit of nighttime "mom rage on the way to deal with Julia -- nothing to worry about". I'm sure he's right on both counts.

I went shopping for a non-maternity swimsuit for the first time in a long time today. I would just like to know who on God's green earth designs swimwear these days? It most definitely cannot be anyone that has ever gestated or lactated at any point in their life. I've got unsightly hips to cover and teeeeeeeny tiny former food sources that don't need to be swimming in built in helmets. I was hopeful that Joanna's Old Navy suggestion would work but I was stuck between two sizes so I went with something involving the words 'control max' which is basically Lycra perfection -- if that is even possible.

Julia has suddently re-entered a cling-to-mom-always-always-always stage -- even freaking if I'm not in the same room as her, her three fur blankies, two sippies, and one empty baba. She went through a similar phase right before she turned one and I'm hoping it is similarly short-lived. Or I wish I could figure out what in tarnation I did to deserve such an unjust (seemingly) eternal punishment.


  1. Thank you for this post and your most recent its-hard-to-wrangle-babies posts! It's nice to know we're not alone in the crazy challenging days! God speed and good luck!

  2. Your posts are the highlight of my day.
    Check out Rey Swimwear for a swimsuit that might be helpful. They're pricey (I may have won my last year, so I got it for free) but I absolutely love it.

  3. Ha! You said gestated and lactated in reference to swim suits. Can't wait to go shopping for my own "new, not-improved-body" swimsuit.

  4. Oh to the my to the gosh! Xander is totally in that stage right now, except I can easily be replaced with Daddy, but one of us has to be practically touching him all day long. And then we pick him up because that's obviously what he wants, except as soon as we do, he tries to push us away. So frustrating!! Good thing he's cute!

  5. We are kindred swim suit shoppers. I just wrote about that yesterday. I opted for a full coverage neon number that says, "Here I am! But not all of me." Very chic.

  6. As soon as I read about you going swimsuit shopping I was going to recommend the control max ones at Old Navy. I'm clearly not your typical control max shopper but I LOVE the shape of the suit and that it keeps everything in place while chasing after hyenas/my children. I have one and am going back for another!

  7. Don't know if you like bikinis or not, but target and victoria's secret have great ones with push up tops and lots of support. I got a cute one for our trip at Target and now wish I got a second.

  8. Lands End swimsuits are the best. They are pricey, but they don't go out of style and hold up year after year. They have an awesome selection and hide those imperfections that exists after childbirth.

  9. the clinging, ohhhh the clinging. i don't like it when my clothes touch me, let alone humans. having a 21 month old who literally wants to crawl back inside and become one with his mama again is killing me! i'll think of you as i drag around my special little appendage today :)

  10. Whoa you went bathing suit shopping after a night of rage?? You're on the road to sainthood my friend!
    Gosh-I was raging while tending to some "people" from 4-5:30 this morning, and all I've mustered to doing is a whole bag of cheezies by myself, and now I'm guiltily trying to pin the empty bag on my children so I don't get a bad eating lecture from my hubby!

  11. Aw man, I can't even form coherent sentences today...

  12. Swimsuit designers these days must be 14 year olds I swear.
    Finally found an ok one with no matching bottoms.
    Shabby Apple has a couple cute ones but 90 is outta range.
    Wishing you no more sleepless nights if its possible;)



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