crawling pants

15 May 2012

(not to be confused with pants that crawl -- but those would definitely destroy this post in a competition for most interesting)
You know life is moving at a fast and furious clip when I dedicate an entire post to crawling pants. Sebastian is minutes? days? weeks? months? away from crawling. Julia waited until she was a mature 9-month-old to help me out in the mobile department and maybe he'll follow suit. For now he just does his planks and then transitions down to his hands and knees for long periods of time. Since the main floor of our abode is hard wood I (kindly!) lay out a quilt for him but he can't slither off that soft thing fast enough. Julia obviously survived just fine without blanket rug coddling but I was in a generous mood this morning and decided to fashion some crawl-friendly pants for his majesty.

I took a masculine sparkly polka-dotted pair of Julia's old leggings that she often used to do her floor cleaning chores. I bought some suede-like material a long time ago but have never used it so I cut out two mini potato shaped patches and tried to sew them on with my temperamental machine. The pants were too small to fit around the machine -- (are you still reading? mmm hmmm) -- so I had to go the labor of love route: thread and needle and my two bare hands. I treated myself to a viewing of some quality programming and went to town.
 as always, I'm confident that you're blown away.

And now that his sensitive little knees are happily and unnecessarily protected I'm sure he'll regress from almost mobile right back to immobile and mr. dependent . . .
. . . which is just fine, I suppose.


  1. Your blog is seriously the funniest thing I've ever read.

  2. He is so cute!! Can I just say how much I love his arm fat rolls? ADORABLE! Rock it while you can Sebastian! ;-)

  3. The chub. I die. And the pants are awesome, mama!

  4. As always, I'm envious of your eye. The first and third pictures are gorgeous. Seriously, did you buy that house purely for the quality of light, or was that just a happy accident?
    Living in Cryptlike New England

  5. He is adorably cute, I can't get over it. And boy oh boy, nine months until movement? You lucky Mamma! All of mine were crawling by six and walking by ten, the silly overachievers. I would LOVE a late bloomer this time around.

  6. what great knee pads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am dying to make elbow patches.

  7. Dagnabit. And I just threw away several pair of floor-cleanin' leggins of Cecilia's. I could have made me some crawlin' pants!

  8. Oh my goodness, he is so adorable! I don't think Alexis is even close to crawling yet so I am pretty impressed with his planks and crawl-poses!

  9. This is so funny. Ellen started crawling last week and she has wicked rug burn. You are a much kinder soul than I am. I keep telling myself she can deal with it...

    Sidenote: Ellen has those pants too

  10. My carrier pigeon took the week off to see his family in Barbados. So, here I am with my email address:

    It should link now :)



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