Riding high

10 May 2012

on the complimentary words of family and strangers today.

exhibit a: Julia exclaiming that the pants I put on to face the day of parenting were not "pass" (pants) or even "jeez" (jeans) but "tize!!" (tights). 
pot meet kettle and kettle's kind son.

exhibit b: while wearing my tights and with my charges in tow at the store I offered the 16 year old cashier my ID because I was purchasing adult beverages. He snickered and said, "no, it's cool - you look way old."

oh. do I?

and exhibit c: a heavily perfumed female stranger at the same store took one look at Julia in the cart and announced, "well, she could use a good scrubbing!"

to which I kindly replied with charitable silence.


  1. I'm glad that lady didn't see my kids. they need a good two hour soak and another eight of exfoliation...

    And, yeah, you look waaaaaay old. LMAO

    ...wait, does that mean I look way old too?

  2. well her MOUTH could use a good scrubbing.

  3. This may be my favorite post yet. (And, for the record, I think your tize are rad.)

  4. you encounter a strange amount of social awkwardness. i blame julia.

  5. Seriously? It never ceases to amaze me how some people can lack so much tact! And "you look way old"?! False. Very false.

  6. Oh Boy!! You met very interesting people.

  7. "Old" must be the new slang for "smokin' hot."

  8. Maybe that's the real reason people are willing to hang out with my family in public- we'll ALWAYS be in more dire need of a good scrubbing than anyone in the room.

  9. You is kind. You is pretty. You is important.


  10. nice tize! an old lady got right up in my daughter's face today and loudly exclaimed how well behaved she was. then ellen screamed at her and burst into tears. serves her right.

  11. Grace,
    Many times I feel like you write about my days.
    I have a hard time being charitable to them though.
    I give them a cold stare, which Tati is now mastering. Muahahaha!

  12. Wow, was this heavily perfumed individual over the age of 70? They can usually be counted on for gems of wisdom like that.



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