uh oh

07 May 2012

"uh oh!"

Directly before Julia slipped and fell on the "bet" floor covered in allllllll my spilled coffee. I tried reallllllllly hard to dig deep for any whiff of sympathy in my loving heart.

I tried hard and I failed harder.

Happy productive morning, I'm sure.


  1. See, the problem with coffee mugs is that dang handle. First, makes it easy for them to GRAB it. Second, makes it easy for them to let it dangle. They need to make coffee mugs without handles, is my theory.

  2. Because I'm a one-upper: V took off her diaper this morning and peed on the kitchen floor. Then she slipped in the pee. Then she slipped on the floor, which was still wet from the clean up.

    P.S. Don't potty train your children. I promise that an eternity of diapers will be easier.

  3. You know, I think it's the creamer I mourn the most when something like this happens. ESP the nonsensical kind that I spent way too much on because I felt I "deserved" it.

  4. Productive indeed. I unloaded the dishwasher today. That's big.

  5. Oh no... spilled milk is ok. Spiled coffee? Unacceptable!



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