Get Krista to the Nunnery!

08 May 2012

Welcome to your very own opportunity to do a very good deed! Fellow FUS alum, Melissa, emailed me about another alum and friend Krista:
 Here is an excerpt from Melissa's blog about Krista . . .

My dear friend Krista Hall is preparing to enter the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia in Nashville, TN in August of this year. I couldn’t be more proud of my dear friend for having the courage to follow God’s call. I know the deep  faith and trust she has had in our Lord all these years and most especially as she has discerned this next step in her life. I am in constant awe of her reliance on Him, I don’t know anyone with a faith as strong and passionate as hers. There are only a few people in my life I see as role models, people who teach me how to be the woman I know God created me to be, and Krista is one of them. From the beginnings of our sisterhood I knew she was a woman who would constantly call me closer to our Lord and closer to heaven, for her eyes and heart have always been fixed there and nothing sort of heaven would suit her.  I know wherever our great God calls her she will change lives and hearts through Him.

As a proud friend and sister to Krista, I humbly come to you, my blog readers, my friends and family asking you to help me help Krista in her journey to the religious life. She has some medical debt which needs to be paid off prior to her entrance. We’ve been trying to help her raise the money and have even donated to her ourselves. However, she is still short. I know in today’s economy giving money is not something that anyone takes lightly as many of us do not have much or any to spare. I ask you to prayerfully consider helping Krista.

Melissa is generously offering to sell some of her stunning photography and donating all proceeds to help pay off Krista's medical debt so that she might enter the religious life free of all financial obligations. Here is a small sampling of her work:
To view the rest of her incredible gallery click here.

To see print sizes and prices click here.

I'm h-o-r-r-i-b-l-e about printing, framing, and hanging pictures. I just recently printed the first photograph of Sebastian ever but I think a selfish donation to Krista's calling and a (!!Simon avert your eyes!!) Father's Day gift for a certain someone will be just the ticket to photo hanging success at Camp Productive.

If you have a blog, pretty please paste the code (that I stupidly toiled over for quite some time while letting Julia run free and I have a crushed peanuts and mascara mess to prove it) into your sidebar and the button should appear and be linked to this explanatory page.

If you went to Franciscan and you don't add the fancy button -- I'll have to banish you from the list
Don't test me. Winky emoticon.


  1. What a good cause...definitely need to find a place for a little photography in this house!

    P.S. Added the button to my blog too :)

  2. Yes. I need more wall hangings cuz they're nakey!

  3. If you add the button does it get you on the list? Hypothetically speaking, naturally.



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