7 Quick Takes

25 May 2012

a good indicator that the laundry situation around here is dire.
(don't worry - it only took two parents and lots of curses to get Nike [size 3 months] off of his [size 24 months] person/arms)

1. I'm (obviously) not a fashion blogger but Kayla and Erica are very kindly letting me hop aboard their Open to Interpretation series in June. And there are going to be link parties so you can join the fun too. To read all the intricate 'tails click here and here.

2. Did you see the eclipse on Sunday? I didn't but Jessica did.

3. Your new favorite blog. Guarant.

4. Are you in the market for a good book that is not 50 shades of scando? Check it: Anne's recent list 
& the other Anne's Summer Reading Guide

5. Funniest gender reveal ever.

6. We made this last night and it was SO good (using canned chicken and ranch dressing because we are gross like that).

7. Suri is always SO wise.

Many, many thanks to Jen for hosting the Quakes, as always.

PS I added a few more items here.

PPS I feel like this reads as if I'm in a bad mood -- maybe I am ................ not! or I am.

(or not)


  1. I'm not even a little bit ashamed to say that I want fake Suri to be my real friend.

  2. Thanks so much for including me!

    (And my mother-in-law makes chicken salad just like that--even BEFORE the Pioneer Woman did, apparently. Kudos to her.)

  3. I am following your blog because you got pregnant 3 months after having your first child. You should get a medal...but instead you get my readership. Almost as good.

  4. Thank you for posting a link to book suggestions - that don't include Fifty Shades. If I see one more popup ad, story on a news blog or have one more girlfriend tell me to read this book - I am going to have a breakdown! I love to read and feel like Fifty Shades is ALL AROUND ME. Yuck. Thank you, Thank you!

  5. Thank you for #4! I need some reads :) Also, loving the muscle onesie.

  6. Thanks to the link for the books! Also, someone needs to write a book called "50 Shades of NFP" blow that stuff wide open...

  7. How did I miss this before?! Glad you liked my list and excited to check out the other Anne's...



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