7 Quick Takes

28 December 2012

Joining Jen (if you didn't read her hilarious post today ... you should) once again for another installment of Quick Takes.

1. It's the last day to enter the area rug giveaway ... get on it.

2. I've got two unexciting clips of el kiddos this week:

 a. Parenting from my post on the guest bed yesterday morning ... Julia refuses to take off those robot pajama pants ... ever. Fine by me.
 b. And ... the big present reveal on Christmas morning.

Your life will most likely go on if you skip both. I think.

3. Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who linked up on Christmas day with your outfits! Simon has the weekend off (!!!!!) so I plan to run away to a quiet corner of the casa and finally get to creep on your posts in peace and away from the shorts. It's not too late to link up if you'd like ...

4. Remember when I told you about this hair powder? Of course you do. Well ... my good friend Cait followed my sage advice and sent me the following text completely unsolicited ...
I cut the shot off on accident but I believe prior to amazing it said "this shiz is ....."

Need I say more? Go get some.

4. I'm the worst Googler in the world and am in the market for a gender-neutral (unisexy? no) baby hat or two. We have a Santa hat (thank you Mandy!) and a pumpkin hat that Julia has stretched to the size of her head and Target only has blue teddy bear hats and I'm still working on my first knitting project that I started a few short minutes ago. So ... any help is greatly appreciated. I'm obviously nesting really hard over here.

5. Thanks a zillion for all your nice comments yesterday. I think the worst is behind us and Julia and Simon went mercifully unscathed ... praise all things good and holy. Julia was actually oddly well-behaved while I was down and out. Hopefully this out of the ordinary behavior keeps up ... forever.

6. I gave Sebastian a plastic cup of too many chocolate chips to help him forget about the 6 teeth he is cutting.

7. So dumb.
 I think he may have managed to harvest chocolate juice/water all over his shirt .... or something.

8. I just noticed there were two number fours ... which makes this numero nine. No one ever accused me of being an underachiever. Ever.

Go see Jen for all the betters.


  1. I'll scope out the unisex hats at the thrift store next time I'm perusing the baby section. Any other specifics?

  2. 1. I could listen to Julia talk all day! Adorbable!
    2. Ordered! The other day I was actually going to search through your blog to find the powder and totally forgot. Anyway, I have a feeling that washing my hair will be a less often occurrence here in the near future so this sounds promising.
    3. Glad you're feeling better!!!

    So many baby hats - your head might explode.

    The videos are never long enough...ever. I could listen to Julia name the baby tire swing forever and ever. She is too much awesome.

  4. After watching your second video I think I understand why Julia wants to name the baby "Playground". You could always name the baby (if it's a girl!) what my brother wanted to name me: George Plimpton.

  5. When my mom was expecting my two or three youngest siblings, my dad managed to talk one of my sisters (the closest to me in age) into wanting to name the baby "Sally Wilhelmina" or something along those lines.

  6. Hahahhaa love the slide. I think I'm addicted to watching bambinos open Christmas presents.

    And I'd love to link up to a WIW someday after somebody nominates me for "What not to wear". Please. Somebody. Anybody.

    Anyway, what I really wanted to say was that Nini's Handmades on Etsy is pretty cool for hats.

  7. Cup full of chocolate chips - not dumb. genius. Well, it produced a super cute chocolate covered face anyway :)

    My favorite hats for my kids were from an etsy shop. The owner was super nice, pretty fast and I got to pick the colors of the stripes (although she has lots of styles). She also said she could fit it to their heads if I gave her the measurements. Might be able to find a good unisex option there?

    Glad you are feeling better!

  8. It's only 6:30 am, but I have no doubt that that video will be the cutest thing I see all day... particularly Julia getting down the stairs as fast as she possibly could!

    I'm so jealous of your basement. We just moved to Minnesota for residency after having lived in Louisiana most of our lives (aka having never been in a basement). Ours is unfinished and SO, SO creepy. I often pretend like it doesn't exist.

  9. Glad you are feeling better...being sick is the pits, ESPECIALLY with "baby on board"...shudder....

    The girls and I just watched the videos and my oldest daughter is officially a "stalker" of all CP Bebes. Sorry. On the upside, she is certain she would be a great babysitter especially since you have a slide..

  10. Working on the Christmas link up now! Ah, I'm always so crazy behind with editing photos.

  11. Old Navy has some of the cutest hats ever. Right now Eire is wearing a unisex fuzzy white cap with straps under the chin and two orange-striped polar bear ears. Sends me into spasms every time.

  12. Here (Denmark) we do pilot caps for babies year round. The weather is not great even in the summer and it protects their bald spots against whatever blistering sun might peek through the clouds. They are genius because they don't pop off every time the little bandits move. If you want I can hook you up with a couple but I'd need an address.

  13. The present reveal video was like the cherry on top of this post. Julia and Bash are too adorable!

  14. OK I don't know if you're going to read this since you're busy taking care of a newborn and all, but for the hair powder thingy, how do you use it? do you still have to tease your hair to make it big? Or do you just put it in and POOF MAGIC? I tried dry shampoo and it doesn't create volume, or else I'm just doing it wrong.

    I know you linked to the amazon, but can you buy this stuff at Target and drugstores? or do you have to special order it? SO MANY QUESTIONS. I'm hoping to not have flat hair anymore. :)

    And congrats again on your newest Patton family addition!

    1. NEVERMIND. I answered my own question by reading your previous post about it. And I just ordered it from the amazon, like 5 seconds ago, so IT BETTER WORK, OR ELSE...



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