Soon Maternity Challenge: Week 4

10 December 2012

The last week.
El fin.
I'll stop soliciting Facebook clicks and we'll get off your screen forever right after this brief message.

This week's victim is the Hoolihan Skinny Cargo Pant. Like the denim mini, I was a little tiny bit skeptical of the resurrected cargo trend because ... what female wants to add bulk to her thighs? Not I. But ... these pockets aren't even a little bit bulky and I've been getting a lot more wear out of these than I thought I would. Like the skirt, the waist band does not come all the way up over the baby belly (my least favorite kind of maternity bottoms), and is super soft and forgiving and will be an absolute dream in the postpartum weeks of delight. I know everyone has different tastes and likes and dislikes when it comes to maternity clothes but I would put these (they don't lose their shape in 4 seconds like a lot of skinny maternity pants and they are super lightweight which a sweaty preg like myself appreciates) and the Old Navy tunics at the very top of my list.

Anyway ... to my pathetic plea!!

I would be forever grateful if you wanted to pop over to Facebook and cast your vote (which will give you yet another shot at the $150 Soon Maternity gift card) by simply liking and/or commenting on my photo ...
... don't be alarmed when you find a less 'Willy Wonka meets cubicle casual' looking outfit (and a less pregnant Grace). It's still me in my Hoolihans and hooves in the backyard, I promise.

To vote just click here here here here before December 12th.

Thanks for bearing with me and voting and not grumbling loud enough for me to hear over the www.


  1. love the pants! and wedges (as always). i'll be voting tonight, when i'm not on FB ban! :)

  2. Just cast my vote for the best look BY FAR... Hehe. Middle school comparisons aside, you look beautimous as usual.

  3. voted!!

    loved both looks of course!!

  4. I took time out of my deathly sickness of troubles and fire to vote for you. You're just that special.

  5. Dang girl, looking good. I feel kind of bad voting for you because all the other bloggers in the challenge barely have any votes, and you're completely blowing them out of the water (and rightfully so. Not that they are not stylish pregnant ladies, you're just stylisher, if that's even a word). And seriously, you should have like 50 children in the next 5 years because, look at you! If only I looked so awesome when I was pregnant.

  6. Girl you know it's truuuuuuuuuuuuuue, I clicked "like" on youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...

  7. facebook voting counts as a civic duty, right? ok, good ;)

  8. this time i realized my favorite maternity stuff has to come up as high as possible (bra double, really) or i have the loveliest love handles around. i hate demi panels. who knew?? not i, last time. ps: i voteeeed!



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