7 Quick Takes

14 December 2012

Joining reality star Jen and her fans for another round of giving this week. I'm sure you're surprised. 

1. You were all so helpful back when we were still looking for a minivan ... I thought I'd repay your kindness by giving you an unsolicited update on how we are liking minivan living. I love it. Could I live without it? Absolutely. Do I want to? Never ever again!!!!! We found a great deal on an 04 Odyssey and we are 100% spoiled with remote sliding doors, heated seats, and a DVD player (that is shamelessly used as an incentive/bribery tactic on call weekends when I just need a moment of Dora-filled semi-silence on the interstate). I guess that's it. All thumbs way up.

2. You were also all so super kind and generous with your votes in the Soon Maternity Challenge and I was so excited to find out that I was the winner this past week. Thank you thank you thank you!! I was insanely intimidated by the competition and really appreciate your clicks and comments. The hilarious and adorable Elaine won the $150 gift card for voting - congrats to her!

3. Only to the third take and I'm already typing a blank ... we've covered minivans and maternity clothes ... what else is there? Here's a clip of Julio voluntarily counting (in case you aren't friends with my mom on Facebook and haven't been lucky enough to view) in Spanish with absolutely no help at all. I blame (Juan) Diego and Dora.

4. And so Sebastian doesn't feel left out ... here's what he does 89 times in a row in his spare time when we're waiting for Simon at the hospital. If you're lucky enough to cross his path he will run right up to you and give you a big hug and a nuzzle in your neck if you'll allow it. He knows no strangers -- male, female, brunette, or blonde. It's getting weird and I'm sorry if you've encountered his overzealous affection recently.

5. There were some adorable babies-o-bloggers born this past week. A huge congrats to Janssen on the birth of adorably chubby Ani and to Amber on the arrival of her sweet twin girls, Parker and Jolie. Almost too much cute to handle.

6. These kids aren't stupid.
They know they are soon to be replaced by someone who is much much smaller and Gollum-esque than they are. Not ever previously known for their fluency in the love language of Physical Touch, alllll of a sudden they are both very touchy feely and climby and clingy. Not stupid at all.

7. And now that I've typed these ridiculous takes I am just now learning of the sickening tragedy that occurred in Connecticut earlier today. What a nightmare. I'm not an eloquent wordsmith and it has been said much butter by many others already but my heart and prayers go out to all those involved (especially those poor parents). What a sad reminder that life is so very, very precious.


  1. We also recently bought a swagger wagon (an odyssey sans DVD player) and we are totally in love. Car seats are so much easier to deal with!
    Cute videos- did I spy painted fingernails on Julia? I've been wanting to try with G but keep chickening out.

  2. Your kids are the cutest!! Those videos made my day!

  3. Congratulations on your win!!
    The videos are darling ~ and enjoy, this was a good day to have cuddly kids.

  4. Aren't you just sick over this shooting? Makes you want to just snuggle your babies close.

  5. It's still an extra pregnancy away but it's nice to hear about vans that actually work for families! I might be the only weirdo who is looking forward to switching from a sedan to van and who comments on how stylish (or not) they are on road trips with my husband.

  6. She just can't help herself. She hears uno and she's done for! I love it :)

    Also, yes, so precious.

  7. Thank you for the shout out sweet blogger friend! We are so excited and beside ourselves with disbelief that these little babies are our own! Congrats on your win in the maternity challenge.. It was a no-brainer if you ask me:)

  8. Do you ever think Julia is thinking, "Seriously, why do I need to help you count to five in Spanish? You are suppose to be the person who knows this stuff, yet, you rely on me to tell you these concepts..."

  9. YEAHYEAHYEAH! We make a good team :D



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