Open To Interpretation

20 December 2012

Here's Kayla's pick ...

and here's my interpretation ...

shooting for demure and achieving just below dumb.

what about this?
stopping. so sorry.

uh - hummmm ... did you even look at the inspiripic first, Grace? I know. Off by a zillion years, hues, styles, etc. I worked with what I had and came up a little bit short. It happens. If I had to do it over, I would probably go sans rose garden party cardi. And by probably I mean definitely.

the goods:
blouse: Forever XXI
cardigan: Forever XXI
pants: Motherhood Maternity (altered)
wedges: Target
necklace: eBay 

And as a little consolation prize for my poor performance ... a candid captured when Simon sweetly surprised me at my post of professional picture taking with a live and writhing and repulsive worm...
run, grace,

Now off to see Erica and Kayla's much more accurate interpretations. Go. 


  1. hahahahaha and I love belly holds!!!!

  2. Thank you for the worm pictures. I lol'd.

  3. You look amazing! So, does Forever XXI actually have a maternity department or no? I had heard rumors...

    1. I think they do and I think it's pretty slim pickings online ... I just bought this shirt niiiiiiiiiice and big.

  4. hahaha these outtakes are amazing. the end.

  5. keep the floral cardigan, and especially the matrix-esque outtakes. love.

  6. I love the candids. You look pretty, as always. :)

  7. I really do like your outfit; the pearls are a great finishing touch.

  8. Oh heavens, the worm pictures. Pretty much made my day!

    And I love the cardi! Although, I believe I was promised white maternity pants??

  9. hahaha I love the worm picures, consider having open to interpretation + worm pictures from now on :)

  10. When you cross your arms over your bump, it disappears. Magic.

  11. Bwhahah! This whole post makes me laugh.

  12. most favorite. pictures. of you. ever. :) cute! i like your interpretation much better anywho. AND the cardi.

  13. "You made me ink!" (From finding nemo).... doesn't he remember you're about to drop a baby and should not be scared like that!? You might ink!



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