Soon Maternity Challenge: Week Three

04 December 2012

I know you missed us last week ...

How could you not?
I don't know.

Well, we're back for two more outfits this week and next week and then we'll be out of your e-hair forever. This week we're wearing Soon Maternity's denim skirt and to be perfectly honest I was more than a little bit skeptical at the thought of a denim maternity (or nonternity) mini skirt because I thought short denim had peaked way back in 2001 along with airbrushed denim whiskers and platform flip flops. But ... I was wrong. I love it because it has one of the softest waistbands this ballooning bell has ever felt and is a really great alternative to the increasingly uncomfortable denim pants (also known as jeans in less sophisticated circles) that I wear almost every time I leave the house. I don't think I should wish a third trimester in the heat of the summer on myself or on anyone ever but it would be nice to have something other than yet another practical empire waist dress to rock around.

Here's my fallfit ...

and you can see the other lovely contestants over on Facebook ... vote for whomever you'd like but remember that Santa and Grace are watching verrrrrrrrrrry closely. And know that any vote/comment will automatically enter you (again! if you voted/commented before) to win a $150 gift card to Soon Maternity.

I'll make it easy for you ... to vote ("like" and/or comment on a picture) for your favorite just click here, here, here OR here.

Am I drifting into obnoxious territory yet? I hope not ... I'm truly appreciative of your vote and your readership. Truly. Thanks for being the best the net has to offer. 


  1. voted!!!! super cute

  2. I voted ... love this. and I agree on the denim but you totally pull it off!

  3. You are rockin' that denim!

  4. Not obnoxious at all! You look great!

  5. vote vote vote. also, I was in my 3rd tri with Ellen during one of the biggest heat waves in MI history. I didn't leave the house for like 2 mos. My denim skirt was my only alternative to cheerleading shorts I found at Dunhams...gross.

  6. WHY must you keep outwitting me in these blogs, grace? i clicked 'here, here, here and here' before i realized they were all links to the same photo. at least i covered all my bases and liked and voted all over the place. i swear i was smart before i had a baby and he stole every ounce of intelligence with which i was previously blessed. that, and we're pretty sure he's growing his 1year molars and who instead of sleeping now favors following me around chrining (cry+whining) until i pick him up and he chrines to get down... what was i saying again? i think it's time for another bacaffee (bacardi+coffee), but, oh crap i'm out of bacardi and ryder's FINALLY asleep so guess who's stuck with plain old coffee? me.
    anywho, point of all this is that i 110% believe you rocked all those outfits harder than any of the other preggos in the contest and hope you win whatever they're giving away! time for me to go pretend i have something better to do than live vicariously through a blog by a woman i've ever met. :)

  7. 1) you look incredible, soooooo cute
    2) you know I have a problem when I thought out of no where this morning: "I wonder when Grace is going to post her newest 'Soon Maternity' outfit'... so glad you did, I might not have made it much longer.
    3) voting now.

  8. very cute! i voted for ya! also, i want to steal your boots. just sayin'.

  9. You are the cutest pregnant lady ever. Seriously! You dress cuter than me, and I don't even have a baby bump to work around!

  10. I loved your outfit Grace. It just looks so seriously comfy. I'm totally jealous of your cooler weather.



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