27 December 2012

I don't know what I thought would happen after I inhaled super fortifying Chinese Express straight from the styrofoam (that even Simon wouldn't touch), piggy pawfuls of puppy chow, and then held poor- plagued-with-the-occasional-voms-Sebastian ... for 3 hours too long.

Mary Cassatt's Mother and Child 1?
My thinks no.
More along the lines of ... Carrier monkey effectively infecting his devoted guardian.

What I thought may have been semi-real contractions circa midnight turned out to be my body getting ready to expel by way-o-violent-vom allllllllllll the chinese, drink, all the chow, more drink, that sip of water, that other sip of water, that stupid chug of blue Gatorade and any hope of smiling one time for the entirety of today. Is this tee em eye? Feel free to stop reading. I'm still petrified to touch solid food and water and will just continue to clutch my labeled red Solo cup of iced Pedialyte (fine, "Pediatric Electrolye" by generic) and 7Up (name brand!) while reveling in the fact that I held out on hiring Diego, Dora, and amigos to babysit my young until 12:03 in the pm. Let me guess ... you'd like the opportunity to stare in awe at my mother skill set? Be my honored guest.

Oh, I know I'm not special and it seems like everyone is sick this time of year and everyone has to deal with a touch of stomach flu at multiple times in their lives but I'd just like a quick moment to wallow. Thanks.

It seems we are cursed on December 27th because Simon was struck down by a similar poison on the eve of his birthday last year.  Anyway, if you could spare a prayer that Julia's immune system keeps on kicking at the 'hearty herd of oxen' setting, I would greatly appreciate it because she's got enough on her healthy plate ...
as it is.

a dip into last December's archives for less gross posts:
Can't wait to squeeze back into these beauties ... in a million months.
That was sort of funny, I guess.
And that was definitely a funny day. Funny $$.


  1. Oh no!!! I hope you feel better soon. :/

  2. Being sick sucks!

    Julia your effective use of every single facial muscle has me completely entranced. Well done!!

  3. UGH. I had the worst stomach flu of my life at 38 weeks and there is just nothing more heinous in the world. Healthy thoughts to all of you.

    PS--I love that girl's face.

  4. oh no! happy feast day to your little(est) one... everyone is having a pukefest in wichita here, so you would've caught it had you been back to see the ta-town pattons, anyways. praying it'll pass by you and the baby and little guy very soon.

  5. Boo! Hope you feel better soon! Sending prayers your way!

  6. Being sick is the worst- and even more annoying when pregnant. Hope you all are healthy soon!

    That photo of Julia may be the best thing I've seen all day. Hilarious.

  7. So the 11th plague aka stomach flu, hit my work during my first trimester and it was hell. On. Earth.

    I can't stand pedialyte (our whatever grown up versions are out there) but the only thing i could really tolerate was orange gatorade cubes. Stick them in an ice cube tray and freeze.

    I swear they saved me and luckily kept me from going to the ER like what several of my coworkers had to experience. Prayers for a speedy recovery.

  8. Yuck.. Poor you! Take it easy and feel better! Find a bell and train the kids to wait on you. Hehe or just wake up from THAT dream and don't feel guilty about the tv. They'll live.

  9. You poor thing! I'm so sorry that you're sick! Feel better soon, Grace and Basher and bebe! Will say some prayers that you guys get well soon and that J stays healthy.

  10. Oh, sweetie! So sorry you are sick. The stomach flu is the worst in any situation, but preggo? Bleh. Hope you feel better soon and that Julia avoids it entirely.

  11. Oh man, get well soon! I just LOVE that photo of Julia.

    PS. our husbands share the same birthday! and John Legend too!

  12. I swear everyone has this stomach bug. My sister just texted me that a stomach bug is how she is apparently going to be losing holiday weight. My instagram and FB feeds are full of people knocking on death's door with the vom-bug. I know that doesn't make it any better but at least you aren't alone, right?

  13. Ugg...stomach issues are the worst! *prayers* for a speedy recovery and *hugs* if you accept them from non-infected internet mostly-strangers. :)

  14. What a good mommy you are to your unborn to agree to drink that vile Pediatric Electrolyte by Generic. I don't actually know what it tastes like, but judging from the stench it is horrid. Vile and horrid and you are a saint!

  15. I really am sorry that you were feeling so terrible, but I keep scrolling up to that photo of Julia and giggling all over again. It is the best unhappy toddler face I have ever seen.

  16. This is the nastiest bug on either side of ol' Miss. Everyone is getting it. I had my turn. Good luck! Feel better :)



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