37 weeks

30 December 2012

1. smug
2. smug
3. still smug

Trying to find a little tiny glowy window of an effervescently good mood to write an even mildly sunshiney post is proving to be difficult. Skip a 37 week post, you suggest? No. 

On the pregnancy front everything is totally fine and I have almost nothing negative to say about that. Well ... except for the slightly annoying fact that I feel like I am almost always audibly laboriously breathing. If you have the distinct pleasure of being around me in person before the baby comes ... come hither and take a listen .... you'll see/hear. I did make the idiotic mistake of making last week's appointment late enough in the day so that Simon would be home to watch the kids. I paid dearly by way of having the pleasure of waiting for 32 minutes on the cold, hard bench of fun draped in a generous piece of transparent tissue large enough to maybe cover the entirety of the rump of a freshly birthed mouse bebe (the runt of the litter). Yes, I listened to my OB politely listen to a first time mom and dad in the next room over outline what sounded eerily similar to this birth plan complete with polite chuckles and half-hearted "we'll see's!!". The good news was that the teeeeeeeeny bit of progress I've made was chalked up to the fact that this is my third baby. So, I'm fairly certain this baby will be debuting circa Valentine's Day ... which is probably for the best because I have no idea what on God's greenest earth we are going to do with the first two children when I do go into labor. Maybe we'll just bring them along for the medicated fun.

I've yet to purchase "best big brother/sister in the world!!" shirts for the kids nor have I handcrafted chocolate bar labels to thank the hospital staff for being so nice on the job but I totalllly succumbed to the "buy the older siblings a gift from the baby" nonsense. I know. My face is in my palm, too. I won't tell you that the present is a mash-up of the classic, "The Three Little Pigs" and the always timeless, "Dora the Explorer" because then you would think less of me .... forever. I'll just keep that to myself.

vest: Gap via eBay
sweater: Gap maternity (although I have a feeling it would fit much better as nonternity)
jeans: Urban Outfitters
slippers: Minnetonka
glasses: Firmoo

37 weeks with Bash
38 weeks with Baby J


  1. Does this post count for WIWS too?? I'm thinking two birds with one stone, right?

    You look mahvelous.

    Love the sibling gift idea because I'm a gift giver and it really did make them feel special (though my kids never ever once didn't like a new baby).

    Just get two of their shirts and sew on some letters for the big day - you're crafty like that!!

  2. Ah Grace, as usual, you look splendid. I remember the absolute complete discomfort of week 37 and how it was only topped by week 38 and 39... but if it's any consolation you look splendid and to all appearances, you've not gained a pound.

    All the best as you enter the new year.

  3. We always do the "pick out a present for your new sibling" gift, too. It always involves Lightning McQueen- since there are just so! many!! boys!!! and the child who found himself rudely jilted out of the "baby of the family" role inevitably laid claim to the gift within a week or so.

  4. You look goooood, mama! I love the wavy hair. Hang in there :)

  5. You look great! Just thought this might be helpful... I try to wear a cardigan to naked appointments. The doctor can get to everything he needs to and I somehow feel slightly more dignified than when I am just wearing what is basically a paper towel.

  6. Are those maternity jeans? I had no idea urban outfitters carried maternity clothes.

    1. i was just thinking the same thing! although i think grace is still small enough to actually fit into non-maternitys. lol

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Nope! But a very elastic waistband soooo they kind of are, I guess? Best invention everr.

  7. Woot Woot! Full term!
    You look fabulous as always!

    Also, you make me want a pair of mocs. Like today.

  8. I love your pants! So cute. Will be checking daily to see if the babe has arrived ;)

  9. Dude I think dark blue is your color. Your skin looks all peachy-pretty and your hair all supermodel blonde. You look amazing!

    Even more amazing considering your state of gestation.

  10. 37 weeks already? Where has time flown? It seemed like only a few weeks ago that you were announcing baby #3.


  11. I completely lost it reading the McSweeneys birth plan!! I now blame you for me keeping my sleepy baby awake with my laughter :)

    Yay for the home stretch!

  12. Agree with all previous commenters (commentators?) about you looking incredible and amazing.

    My doc's office also has the paper-thin walls. Shouldn't this be the one place you can count on soundproofing?! And I LOVE the birth plan link. Still laughing.

  13. You're supposed to get bigger with each pregnancy... I think you're shrinking! Not fair!
    Also... I'm still holding onto that Dora dollhouse I linked up a post or two ago for lil miss J ;)

  14. Happy New Year, Grace! I am excited to watch your little family grow this next year! I know you will have your hands full {that's an understatement}, but there's no doubt you will be marvelous {even though you'll just make it sound half-ass}. You're amaze-balls!


  15. Yay, full term! You look fabulous. Just fabulous.

  16. 1) You still look great!
    2) The breathing thing...I KNOW. I can't remember how many weeks I am but I've reached the stage of groaning whenever I stand up.
    3) Does this mean you don't have your hospital outfit picked out either??

  17. Graaaace!! You are so adorable!! I know I've said it before, but you are seriously the cutest preggo. So pretty!
    I wish we lived close, I would tell you to just let me watch your two littles when you go to the hospital. We have approximately 1 billion Dora movies, so J would be fine, right? HahaHA. (All of which I plan to destroy before Ellee starts watching movies. I survived two go arounds with swiper, that's more than enough).

  18. Still looking fab Grace! Wishing you a smooth delivery. Can't wait to see you new addition! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  19. You have the cutest baby belly! I am just large and in charge these days and ready to be DONE! Happy New Year!

  20. Oh man I feel you on the heavy breathing thing! I mostly feel like darth vader

  21. hahaha, that birth plan is amazing.

  22. I want you to keep having lots and lots of babies - cause you are such a cute pregnant lady. :)

    And the babysitting offer still stands...until you hit 8 kids....well, I guess at that point Julia could help me the offer is valid. Julia and I babysitting - man oh man - that's a blog all its own.

  23. Oh my gosh. Delivering at 37 weeks on the dot= every woman's dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So so so happy for you :D

  24. If you still need big bro big sis shirts let me know. You look wonderful and that vest is my fav color blue.



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