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20 December 2012

20 December 2011
Little throwback pic
I think Julia had just learned the word "shoes" and I'm pretty sure she is still rocking that exact same haircut.

I've typed about this many, many times before but Janssen smartly updated the instructions to link your email address to your blogger profile. Do it and do it now, prettiest of pleases.

Ashley finally posted again. Praise the Lord.

If ever there were the perfect loooong weekend for baking -- this one would be it. Lisa put together a delicious and hilario post of awesome and sugary recipes. Don't miss it.

I think today is the last day to order things from Amazon before Christmas? Some lazy last minute gifters told me so. My middle name is "First Minute" so ... I don't exactly know but I highly recommend this inexpensive milk frother for any coffee drinkers on your list. It's like the Bucks in a wand -- or something like that. Mine has been going strong for five years and counting. Get it.

I can't stop thinking about this. Curse you, Katie.

Yee to the haw. Episode 2 is airing tonight.

And Sebastian is beckoning from his portacage and I'm fairly certain I hear a mouse in the pantry - again. Time to go deal with both.


  1. Interesting, milk frother... Might have to pass this link on to the husband!

  2. Thank you for posting the link for the no reply thing. People always talked about the no reply, but didn't tell us computer illiterate folks how to change it. Done and done.

  3. I was getting after my sister for not updating her email address and then she said the instructions were impossible to follow with the new interface. So then I felt properly ashamed and updated them.

  4. Done. and done. I think....

  5. Oh I have that frother...and my mom stole it. But, when I did have it in my possession, it made the best soy frothiness.

  6. Oh my gosh. How have I missed the blog redo????? It looks fabtastical!

  7. i think ew have a milk frother! and we dont use it! i will bust that out of the cobwebs this weekend per your rec.

    i'm watching conversion diaries reality show episode 1 at work right now! thank the lord for double screens.

  8. Too funny! Just read this, but earlier today while I was packing I was singing to myself: "I pack, you pack, we pack". Ha ha!!



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