12 December 2012

1. Sebastian, is that you?
2. dainty in pink

3. Simon says I dress Julia like a lumberjack
4. I don't know what he's talking about

5. went on a date
6. took some selfies in the foyer

7. It's beginning to look a lot like
8. Christmas in Julia's nightmares

9. 33 weeks
10. and his/her clueless siblings

11. total comprehension
12. immunity booster

13. Elf in a Hall
14. Shrimp

15. boys
16. a little game I like to call "toss the chocolate chips on the floor and watch them scramble"

Do you insta? Do tell. 


  1. I think Paul and Sebastian would be besties. I love his look in the picture of his capture of chocolate chips, I see that one a lot at my house.

  2. Julia/Basher in the purple bow is Joaquin's favorite.
    Coconut husk reindeer is mine.

  3. Julia in the glasses..... hahahahaha!!!!

  4. hahaha, i can't get enough of those two on instagram. julia in your glasses? the cutest lumberjack i ever did see!

  5. haha, immunity booster. LOVE IT.

  6. that deer ornament cracked me up! thank you, i needed it.

  7. The clueless siblings... I love it. And I'm pretty sure I am bigger than you at my current 17 weeks. I'm going to be a whale.

    And Sebastian looks like a body builder. I love it.

  8. these are so cute, I'm glad I'm not the only one who gives her under-2s choc chips, and Julia rockin the specs is about my favorite - somehow she suddenly looks like you! :)

  9. Um, those pigtails are THE BEST. Also, stethoscope in mouth.. yum.

  10. No. 12 is killing me. I swear my tiny vectors licked my husband's shoes EVERY. FREAKING. TIME. he came home from a shift. And for good measure, during flu season, they sucked on the shoe laces. So incredible. Sincerely, Hepatitis R Us

  11. Immunity Booster - eeew. Love the photo of you and Simon, so cute!

  12. So putting the stethoscope in my mouth isn't the way I'm supposed to use it. Damn it!

    Oh and I love J's KU coat.

    Oh, oh! Can I creepily ask you where you got your glasses? I've been jonesing for a new pair lately and love that style.

  13. 6 and 8 are my faves. Okay, so maybe just 8, not that you guys aren't great but Santa in peril... it's classic.

  14. I love Simon's face it 6. Typcial husband when you say "take a pic with me" or "smile." We take what we can get!

  15. I love the pictures.... too bad I cannot have blonde babies....

    Can I borrow them for a day???? LOL

  16. I LOVE number 16. Maybe I should give that one a try. Perhaps it would occupy my own little 2 and 1-year-olds while I make dinner.

  17. Your baby bump selfies are the cutest!

  18. Oh goodness - if you put #12 next to #5, Julia looks EXACTLY like her mama! Love it!

  19. I love that Julia and Basher are wearing the same striped leggings... way to teach them to share early on!



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