Let's Get Ready to Gruuuuumble . . .

24 November 2012

I hope the song that the title is parodied after is now stuck in your head. Hope hope hope.

Will this weekend ever end? It's just so painfully long and blessedly cheery, isn't it? Simon is back at the hospital for another 25 hour stint with his laboring ladies and I'm here to laboriously type about it. I think the kids and I just might tire enough of hair pulling (them: each others, me: my own) that we'll have to venture out into the great land of evil consumerism and the not reason for the season with all the other bloodhounds. And I think the kids and I just might find it enjoyable ... even if we hit up crazytown. We can only go on so many walks around the neighborhood ... admire the diligent folk that are stringing outdoor Christmas lights, find so many ginorm blow-up turkeys (you people with the yard ornaments are nuts and I love you for it) and stop to stare and say "turkeys say ... 'gobble, gobble' " before we start to zone out and graffiti the street ...
they really should've nailed those cones to the asphault or maybe put up 78 more. I take only partial blame for defacing mother nature's pristine canvas. I think this was when Julia had run out of body parts to complain about "huwting" and had moved onto telling me about Sebastian's ailments ... which he appreciated.

I've never had an anxiety or a heart attack but I think after Thursday's 25 hours-o-joy I started to get a little itchy and thinking I just might have one at the thought of today's joyous shift. The wind was howling and shaking the doors and the windows at the alarming rate of "I know it's just the wind but it sounds oddly similar to a predator" around midnight on Thursday but I took it in stride and only moved my freak out meter to a 3 but then when I heard actual scratching at the kitchen door I nearly fainted by way of petrification. Turns out it is was nothing to worry about ... just overreact over: two lone beady-eyed mice (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). I was in the middle of emailing Jen (oh, you don't creepily email reality stars in the middle of the night? that's odd) and am too embarrassed to go back and look at the outgoing message I pelted her way because it probably most definitely contains some totally inappropriate language. I camped out on the dining room table until I could talk myself down from the crazycliff and sprinted upstairs where I could put a safety barrier of Sebastian between me and the monsters.

I'm tempted to type about the molars the size of what Goliath's first born would've weighed that Julia is in the middle of cutting but I think I've thrown enough feel-goody fuzzies your way for today.

Thanks for letting me Dear Blog it, yet again. It's always nice to go back and read about the holidays that Simon works and thank the good Lord that those holidays come but once a year and these rotations do eventually come to a welcome end.

Toothy (and topless but with molars!) grin.


  1. ugh. I hate mice. We caught one a month ago. I freaked and Joe told me that I should feel better since it was dead. Um, no. I'll feel better if we never ever have any mice in the house ever again.

    Hope Julia's smile means good things for the rest of your day- and that it includes far less Desitin-covered things than mine did.

  2. HAHAHA! That picture is amazing! :o) On first glance I thought that you had come across a quaint little path made just for strollers.

    Anyway, glad you survived awful shift. Ben is on 24 hours tonight which always brings out the guard dog in Trudy. She'll just randomly stand up and growl at the door. It's lovely.

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  4. Not to sound redundant, but thanks for sharing your thoughts on those cheap jerseys.

  5. Better mice than scorpions! Every time she posts about scorpions I'm thinking to myself, "Get the he!! out of there! Scorpions, woman! Scorpions!"

    Hopefully your husband will be home for as long as he was gone and the two of you can enjoy some quality family time with the munchkins. And by quality, I mean full of wine!

  6. Well that's it. Now you have to move. You and I, moving to some place where mice do not exist. DO NOT EXIST!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The other night, the dog cornered a possum in my back yard. Up against the deck/house. It was hissing. I'll take your mice and raise you a possum.

  8. We are in the midst of molars...again. Do they ever actually come in????

  9. Our mice only come out when Phil is working late or out of town. They fear him.... Me on the other hand, they mosey up to while I'm sitting on the couch and just stare. Mice will be in Hell with the goats...

  10. Obviously I haven't told you that we STILL haven't caught the mouse running amuck in the house at night. Creeped out. Oh, and go for the clam chowder. It's always a good time for clam chowder.

  11. We had mice running through our kitchen and between the levels in our house. It was so scary and we had the exterminator people come 3 times before we were confirmed they had furnished an apartment in our little town home. We still sometimes hear them dancing on through our ceiling...

    When they were in the kitchen I found little places where they had chewed through bags, teeth marks on silicone measuring spoons, and mouse poop in the cabinets (GROSS!!)

  12. This too shall pass. Wives and Husbands of medical residents are to be PRAISED! I told my husband: my MD diploma, my residency certificate -- he earned all of those with me. Keep up the good work momma. hi to the topless, cheery Julia and Bash (love, love,love the stroller marks on the road!)

  13. Oh goll, we are battling mice here, too. My four year old calmly approached me at breakfast the other day and said, "Mommy, don't screach, but there's a mouse in the trap by the sofa. Don't screach! I said 'Don't screach!'" My husband was at work so I had to go to the neighbors' for help.

  14. I feel you on the mice. Mice and I have a long history of hatred! ICK!! So creepy!! Hopefully they have found a new home to pester or a lovely little trap to hang out in...either way.

  15. Why are animated mice are always so cute? They are SCARY, little scary 4 legged, furry spiders.
    I'm glad you survived that shift! You are amazing.
    The pics of this post are just awesome! Made my night! Hope you're having a good weekend Grace! XO



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