the weekend

12 November 2012

Checking in from the land of the faucet noses and swollen glands to share some grainy evidence of our weekend.

1. Carol Brady does Chipotle
2. Notorious B.A.S.H. down for the serious count
3. Is this collage as depressing as I think it looks? So sorry.

Julia's hair has since been washed and styled and Sebastian is just well enough to be back to his I-hate-to-be-held/pinned ways ... fret not.

The kids are up to their usual antics today with Julia attacking Sebastian's whole face with a whole tube of lipstick and Sebastian destroying an entire Costco container of blackberries. I'm counting the minutes until I can slide into the dangerous shackles of a dental recliner this afternoon and trying to decide which is worse: spending some quality time at my least favorite place of all time or continuing to live with this sudden and unbearable tooth pain that won't let me sleep or even look at a non-liquid calorie without almost dying, crying, and repeating. If I live to tell about the torture ... you know where I'll be posting first. This is a committed relationship that I take very seriously. Stay tuned.


  1. I admire your serious dedication to your craft.

    Looking forward to an update from the other side of the roach clips and suctioner thingy thing.

  2. "Carol Brady does Chipotle" made me laugh so hard!

  3. I an so glad we stand in solidarity of hatred for the dentist. If I wasn't so paranoid about bad breath, I would let them rot right out of my mouth.

  4. Dude, I hate to say it, but I love going to dr.'s appts sometimes...well, most times. It's a vacation! Is that as pathetic as it sounds? Yes, yes it is.

  5. ick! dental visit = nervous breakdown in my world. Good luck!

  6. Julia and Marley have to be long lost twins, seriously...I want to snuggle her.

    Hope the dentist was's such an evil place.

  7. Yuck! I hate the dentist. I hope it wasn't too bad, and everyone is feeling much better tomorrow.

  8. Can I please tell you how many times I resist the urge to comment that we are twins. Like for real, not joking. I resist only because I have limits to my creepiness. My friend Natalie, another loyal Grace follower would agree (minus the part where you sew and cook). The dentist post just sealed it because 15 minutes ago Ross was berating me again for NEVER going to the dentist. He said it had been over a year. I snarkily told him it was 2. I would just rather get a pelvic exam every day for a month than go to ye ole dentist twice a year. Anyway. Back to blog reading when I should be sleeping because the newest Ninness is notsomuch a nightime sleeper. oy. Hope the tooth pain goes away :(

  9. I've always loved the dentist, but that's probably only because we got prizes if we didn't have cavities.. and I didn't get my first cavity until I was 21. Not lying, I cried in the chair when they told me I had my first one. Anywho, my point is when I got my last filling a few months ago, I fell asleep in the exam chair DURING the filling.. and I didn't want to leave.. best nap I've had all year.
    Hope the campers are feeling better!

    1. PS Did you announce the winners of the past few giveaways?? Did I miss the results? Guess it wasn't me! bummer

  10. oh man, good luck at the dentist. at least the tooth ache makes it harder to eat sugary things right? (silver lining? no? crap)

  11. I hope your dentist visit goes okay. Love those photos, so funny!


  12. I hope things start looking up soon! Just think of the relief you'll have afterward when you and Carol get to share a burrito!



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