Soon Maternity Challenge: Week Two

20 November 2012

We're b-a-a-a-a-ck . . .

Do you remember last week's outfit? Of course you don't. You're busy and you're stressed and have a lot on your mind. Me too ... minus the busy and stressed and a lot on my mind, I guess.

This week me and my fellow gestators are wearing Soon Maternity's Classic Shirt. I think everyone else opted to go the timeless white route while I went wild with powder pink.

Behold ...

I don't have to tell you how much I would love if you voted for me but it's a free internet and you can vote for whomever you'd like but you can definitely vote for me (or not). All you have to do to vote is "like" my photo or leave a comment OR go all out and do both and you will automatically be entered (again!! if you voted/commented last week) to win a $150 gift card to Soon Maternity. I was sincerely blown away by all your kind votes last week and I need to figure out an adequate thank you gift that I can e-give. I'll keep you posted.

(Are you getting sick of head-to-toe photos of Grace in the driveway looking downward at the super interesting asphalt? I know. I am too.)

If you're in a giving and generous mood you can click here to vote or click the photo or click here. A huge thank you in advance. You're doing great ... two outfits down .... and two more to go. You can do it.

Thank you (!!) to infinity ... and beyond. 


  1. Vote cast. For you, obviously.

  2. No FB for me so is this comment counting? Because I love what you're doing with powder pink.

  3. Seriously you are so cute its making me miss my maternity clothes and styling a little bump...heading to fb to vote and get rid of some baby fever energy (lol says the woman feeding a 6 month old !!)

  4. Voted! As of my vote, you are officially 100 'likes' ahead of your closest competitor. Grace wins. amen.

  5. dude, i'm in this thing (fellow gestator) and I'LL be voting for you cus youre so bloody adorable and funny!

    xo em

    can I love you all the way from Australia? toomuch? NEVER!! :)



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