7 Quick Takes

02 November 2012

Tagging along with Jen. It's my Friday ritual.

1. It's been a hard week. Woes and violins, please. No one wants to read the boring deets of other people's innocuous trubs because odds are great that you're having an equally difficult if not MUCH more trying time. We'll survive ... right after Simon's little teeny tiny 25 hour weekend shift.

2. My mom bought two of these little guys for the kids recently and they LOVE them. If you're one of those earlyish bird to get the worm types and need Christmas gift ideas for toddlers -- I highly recommend it. It saves my life and a vom-inducing poop-on-Sebastian's-hands fiasco during diaper changes because baby boy hates to be pinned.

3. Just like Julia did right after she turned one, Sebastian has suddenly become a bit of a clinger.
same baby age, same maternity shirt, same wall color. I need some variety in my life.

I don't really mind because he generally shows zero affection ever and it's a nice little change of pace from the usual chase to change his diaper, chase to clean his face, chase to separate his claws from Julia's hair but if you've had the pleasure of picking our little featherweight up recently you'll know that he is 29 pounds of solid. This baby is incubating happily in my ribcage and the combination of the two is breathtaking? Yes, that's it. Hopefully Mr. Independent finds his wings again and this baby drops down ... even an inch would make a universe of difference.

4. There's a new blogger on the blogging block! You'll love her. It's a small world because not only did she go to college with my brother but she is good friends with my sister-in-law's best friend as well. Got it? Thought so.

5. From Sebastian's birthday ...
Julia wouldn't smile or touch the cake on her inaugural birthday ... he obviously had the same ish.

6. No more. All I want to do is eat grapes and read the book I found in the Young Adult section of the library after searching "books to tide me over before Downton Abbey returns." The words you're looking to join together in matrimony are "eye" and "roll". I know.

7. Happy weekend ... and all that ballet.

Go see Jen for more.


  1. "And all that ballet"

    How do you do it? How?!?!?!?!?


    wishing I was as genius as you are

  2. Ditto - the wit is INCREDIBLE!! You have the makings of a genre :)

  3. I may or may not be on Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 4 right now because I found legal* episodes online

    *but some people may call it illegal

    1. but some may call it awesome. like I do, every Sunday.

  4. Oh my gosh, Evie has started the same crazy clingy can't put her down for a second stuff!!! Maybe I forgot about this with the boys? I don't know, but I wish I could remember when it stops. It's cute and all, but not possible for me to do everything with her on my hip. I'm relieved to hear other babies are doing it too.

    25hr work weekend? Your my hero. Here I was complaining about working Saturday. Rather that than hubby gone.

  5. Let me know if any of the books are any good... I've been looking for something new and love a good (or mediocre) recommendation.

  6. You know, my 20mo. has been so clingy lately as well, which is new. It's nice...but then the absolute refusal of letting ANYONE else hold, change or feed him (even buckle his seatbelt) is getting a little odd. Oh well, he'll be my baby for only a few more months. Must make the best of it ;) I agree with Francine, let us know if you have some good books on your hands. I could always use some better ones around here!

  7. Let me make your world brighter: downton abbey season 3 on Your welcome...

  8. oh and YAY for linking Jessie!! :) xoxo

  9. You are too kind good woman, thank you.

    And thank you for being a glowing beacon of solidarity in the hood of mothers and of hilarity in the confines of my cubicle.

  10. A 25 hour weekend shift with two toy trumpets? Are you still alive? The thirst for more Downton must be the only thing keeping you going through all the clinging and honking.

  11. What book?? All I do is try and find ways to make it through until Downton Season 3. Old episodes of Sherlock on Netflix help, but they're certainly no YA novel.

  12. 29lbs?! Joseph was 23.5 at his 1yr appt this week.... I thought they looked more similar in size (minus basher's noggin :) )
    I watched both season's of downtown last week during my 1wks free trial of huluplus.... my husband blames you for recommending it and my week of slacking to hurry and finish it all in 7 days!

  13. I'm not sure that is the same maternity shirt. Pic #2 is a little more scando ;) Also, what did Bash get for his bday?

  14. Also, that horn on Amazon? The description says "blow to toot" and I about died. 5, anyone?

  15. Yes, if the color of your clothes and the color of your walls are what is used to determine the variety, spice, and excitement in your life, then yes, perhaps you need more of all three. I, personally, would find it comforting that you haven't had enough hazardous materials splattered all over that shirt that can't be cleaned off of it so you can still wear it, nor have the kids painted on or otherwise wrecked the wall (in that particular section of the room) enough that you can't tell what color the paint is. We have to count our blessings even if they go against fashion and decorating trends. Sending up prayers for you and your wild and crazy little crew!

  16. How's the sugar detox going? You haven't mentioned it in a while so I'm thinking it's going really well or . . . not.

  17. Clearly my 9 month old is highly advanced as he already has become a massive clinger, requiring me to be within arm's length at all times. I send you my deepest sympathy to also be pregnant while carrying a clinger or two about your person!



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