7 Quick Takes

09 November 2012

Joining Jen and the Wu-Take Clan for yet another round of Quick Takes.


We've got a case of the sicks going on here. Julia and Simon have been spared thus far. Sebastian (!!!! excitement alert !!!! baby sleep talk !!!! put on the appropriate attire ) slept in two hours later than normal this morn and hasn't fought a single nose wipe or diaper change all day ... proving the potency of what ails him.

2. Because Simon worked last weekend and will work this weekend and then will work Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving weekend I've been a little tiny bit overwhelmed at the thought of alllll that quality alone time with the angelfaces, Simon generously took us out for dessert last night as a little pick-us-up. Julia and I walked in and and were seated first while the men parked the car. The waitress came and asked what we'd like to drink and as Julia removed her boots and before I could answer she looked up and very seriously said, "sippy and ice cream, pwease."

Oh, is that only something that parents find to be remotely cute? Don't worry ... she turned into a gross butter pat eating machine shortly afterward and we found it completely repulsive.

3. I guess we'll just turn this into Julia storytime. I'm in an obnoxious mood. Sebastian has been so bad about getting his diaper changed because he just wants to see what all the fuss is about down under with both of his hands and if there is anything worse than a diaper bomb it's a diaper bomb + diaper bombed baby hands. I asked Julia to come distract and talk to Sebastian while I changed his diaper the other day so she picked up my phone and held it to her ear and said, "basher? hi." and walked out of the room.

Mommy's little helper.

Still not cute? Grow a heart.

4. My little sister Emily is here visiting for the weekend. Bless her.
Julia already prefers her to me and I'm hoping Auntie Em will take Julia back to Colorado on Sunday in exchange for me taking those boots off her hands.

5. Pass.

6. I've got nothing. Here's a collage of two photos from one year ago today ...
Obviously he looks basically the same now.

7. Nothing again. How about a clip of Simon and Sebastian at recreational play in el basement? Okay.

Go see Jen for a million betters and have a pleasant day.


  1. I am officially a mom. I can't get enough videos of other people's children. He got smart there at the end!

  2. Sometimes 7 is just toooo many QT! Right? We have the same stuff at our house (cold and diaper bomber). Bless her little heart, Lady A also has a diaper rash that is starting to encompass the entire lower half of her little body! Hope you all feel better soon! And for heaven's sake...go home for the holiday! You deserve it! Or ask Auntie Em to stay an extra few months or so!

  3. um love these. also i want to meet your kids. i think julia and i would get along very well.

  4. I thought the Julia stories were adorable! Hope y'all feel better soon!

  5. You Must STop Posting the Videos. Because that is ALL Josephine wants to watch. Over and over again. while whisper-talking "baby" in a creepy voice. She has already decided that when she can handle stairs better, she is running away to join your cub-pack, because all the kids at my house have cell phones excepting herself, but Christmas is coming. Can't help you out over T-day, but I'm bringing my horde of savages to your neck of the woods for a Week (that's 7 days in my 'rents basement) over Christmas. I'll need a break around day 2, so you better be there for me. And your chitlins too. I travel with my own babysitters, so we can go out like grown-ups if you want, and if you trust your kids to people you met on the internet. Nothing wrong with that.

  6. Those boots and skinnies! Love! I was aaaaaall over Emily with the words of affirmation (could that sound any weirder?) for that very getup on election night/aka the day before the worst hangover of 2012 for half of America.

  7. sippy and ice cream are my favorites too!

  8. LOVE the restaurant story and I'm not a mom!

  9. be forewarned, this is probably going to be the most obnoxiously sappy comment. ever. here i go:
    i am so glad i discovered your blog. it gives me hope that an awkward hippie/artist/college drop out/person like me might have a shot at being a mom (just had my first on may 14th). at the risk of sounding like a creepy cyber stalker, reading your blog is now part of my morning coffee ritual. can't wait to see what happens with the pattons next. hope everyone feels better soon :)

  10. Sippy and ice cweam! I am dying, that is so cute!
    And your sister is very pretty! :)

  11. I love Julia storytime!

  12. Are they reading Mike Mulligan the Steam Shovel? We had that book at my Grandma's house! Good memories.

    Love the Julia stories! :)

  13. During our travels this evening Josh looks over at Miriam and states "she is pulling a Julia with her ensemble" ... she had brought along a pirate's eye patch (Halloween leftover), an old tube of half-eaten-by-Joseph chapstick, an old bear dog chew toy (I think thats what it's supposed to be [note: we don't even have a dog]), and a pair of broken sunglasses. Look for the phrase "Pulling a Julia" in your next Webster's, defining confused traveling hoarders.

  14. I'm just going to watch all of your videos now. Not stalker-like at all. Carry on.

  15. When I saw the pic of your sister, I thought at first perhaps that the girl who plays Brittany in Glee came to babysit, which I thought was pretty cool. But I suppose it's cool that she's your sis too, especially if she leaves behind the boots.



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