27 November 2012

scenes from dinner with the Pattons ... Simon made Julia a "kwementime" crown and she let it adorn her mullet for the entirety of the meal. we like to party. Here's a clip of the (not) funny.

Are you part of any Secret Santa/Advent Angel/Whatever Whatev exchanges this year? (I'm not, Simon is ... that popular boy) Check out Kayla, Janssen, and RA's superb gift guides where every single idea is $5 or less. Believe it. 

The Soon Maternity challenge will resume next week with the third of four outfits (breath held? me too) but in the mean time you can double check that you voted for someone (ahem) en el contest. Or don't.

It was my favorite funny lady's birthday yesterday and she gifted us with a hysterical post. Go read it, laugh, and wish her a belated GOLDEN goodie.

I'm really hoping Meg (Simon's sister's best friend ... you follow? good) starts a blog soon (yesterday?) but until she does you can click and swoon over her gorgeous wedding featured on Style Me Pretty recently.

I la-la-la-loved reading every single one of the 80 (!!)  What I Wore to Thanksgiving Dinner posts and especially loved that my mom and sisters took part ... complete with a belly button heart pose and all.

I asked and she graciously answered ... get all of Kelly's beauty tips right here ... right now

Andddd finally ... enjoy this hilarious food for thought dessert from resurrected blogger Rebecca.

And that's all she typed.


  1. The "kwementime" crown is ADORABLE! I love how she is kinda-sorta balancing it on her head. Precious.

  2. Um yeah I know, I've sent at least 28 harassing texts to meg about getting her blog going. I'm considering creating a dummy email address and just sending her daily threats until she launches it - but maybe that'd be counterproductive?

    And is her SMP feature not to DIE for?

  3. I love you for sharing our gift guides. You are the best.

  4. Oh have a hilarious sister too? My Google Reader consists of your blog, a coupon blog, and now your sisters blog. Am I stalker?

    1. ha! hardly. Emily is much funnier than I am.

      hmm ... that implies that I think I'm funny ... which I do not.

      but you should probably beg Emily to blog more than once every 5 months. It is ridic.

  5. hahahaha love that clip!!!

  6. Bernadette and Julia are mullet twinsies! I am glad Bernadette is not alone, I feel bad for not fixing it. And Julia totally beat Bernadette's pronunciation of "lemontimes" (since it is a competition) and is rocking that hat.

  7. Haha I love the kwementime crown. Queen of the kwementines!

  8. Thanks for the link to the $5 and Under guides! I feel so very honored, oh, yes. :)

  9. You're so sweet to link me!! I knowwww I totally want to start one, but truthfully, I'm a little scared my co-workers will see...


  10. Thanks for linking meeee. You're amazing. ahhhhhmazing.



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