a vlog?

27 November 2012

Maybe I spent one or fifty too many hours sans adult interaction over the holiday weekend but I started thinking that doing a vlog with Simon would make a fun little post. Have you seen Lauren's? Or Bridget's? I know, I know ... they are super cute and I am way below their cutegory but I'm not letting that stop this runaway train-o-cray.

So ... I broached it with him and this is exactly how it went:

G: would you ever humor me and do a vlog?
S: what in the hell is that?
G: you know ... a video that you post on your blog?
S: no
G: it could be fun! we could ask people to ask questions ... maybe?
S: no
G: maybe someone really wants to know your hair styling process to achieve that perfectly voluminous look?
S: no. I would scare them with my deep voice
G: will you just think about it?
S: not alllllll the alcohol in the world could convince me to do a "vuh-log"

SO ... I think there's hope. I really do.

I'm guessing you have zero questions for Simace (or J or Bash) but if you do (how often do we clip the kids nails? Is Sebastian a natural blonde?) ... you can leave them anonymously or not anonymously or email me or blink them via Morse code and I'm sure I'll catch them somehow. And if there's nothing ... we'll just delete this post on the sly and pretend it never happened. Don't tell me you don't do that.

So ... fire away before Simon sees this ... please?


  1. I'll be bold (anonymously) and ask about Simon's hair styling routine. Details, please?

  2. Y'all are too funny. My question is, how to you deal with having Simon gone so much (without making him feel guilty)? Also, when is he done with school? I love your blog.

  3. OMG I would love your vlogs! I think you should start with the kids. Then maybe he'll get jealous and want to be in one!

  4. Yes, fantastic idea! I would love to know (hope this isn't too freakish on my part, I just love your blog!)...

    1. Do you have any makeup/beauty products that you use on a daily basis because you always look flawless!
    2. Where are your glasses from (your original pair, not the ones from GlassesUSA)
    3. Your inspiration for clothing? You're an amazing Goodwill/thrift shopper I'm jealous!
    4. Will you always stay in St. Louis or move after Simon's residency?
    5. Any blogging tips/tricks? I love your blog, especially the style!
    6. Did you major in English? Because your blog posts are so witty and intelligent (in a crafty way, so entertaining!)

  5. I want to know about your families. Did you both come from big families, are your families nearby? I guess your backgrounds is what I'm trying to say...:)

  6. My question is for Julia- Julia, what's your sign? Paul is a Virgo. Do you think you two would be compatible? Your kids would be insane but REALLY cute. Think about it, m'kay?

  7. oh my gosh YES PLEASE! a real live Simon Says?! yes. yesyesyes. I think the best part would being able to see the two of you interact with one another :)
    1. What are Simon's thoughts on reality tv? Isn't a little bit of trash fun?
    2. How many children does Simace want? (too personal? oh well)
    3. What are some of the names that Simon has rejected for the 3rd mini Patton?
    4. Has Simon ever had short hair and if so are there pictures...I think a buzz cut would look really funny.
    5. Grace, have you ever considered writing a book or professionally (not that the blogosphere isn't profesh...)
    6. Simon, does it creep you out that so many people in the world know probably WAYYY more about your life than you ever thought they would? Or do you secretly love all of the attention? I'm betting on the latter.

    I could go on, but I digress. I VOTE VLOG.

  8. One more question (I'm being greedy, sorry): what are your goals? Obviously your hubby being an OB and you are already a mom, but do you hope to be a professional blogger, plan to write a book (please!), etc? :)

  9. What about doing a podcast? Then he wouldn't have to be filmed. I would just love to hear his (and your) insanely dry & sarcastic humor audibly. Did that sound like an insult, because it was supposed to be praise. <--- And I'm not being sarcastic right there.

  10. So fun! What were you guys like in high school? Do you think you would have been in the same circle of friends if you'd gone to school together?

  11. Miracle Whip or Mayo?
    Bachelorette or Bachelor?
    Julia or Basher? (jk jk)
    Tradish Catholic or Modern?
    Pie or Cake?
    Twitter or Instagram?
    Saved By the Bell or Full House?

    That should be enough for me to form an intelligent opinion of you.

  12. ^^^ I can answer that one for Meredith! And no, I don't think Simace would have the same circle of friends at alllllllllll

  13. My husband would have said the same thing! Haha! Oh men...

    What is your "dream" job? Being a mom? Blogger? Excited for the vlog!

  14. Yes!!!! I seriously almost e-mailed you today & then deleted it b/c I'm trying to play it cool & not be a creepy stalker.

    For both you-- how are you so comfortable putting it all out there so to say on your blog? Real names? Basher eating poop? My husband would die. Does Simon read the blog or try to ignore it? Do you have disagreements on what's okay to post? How the heck did you get so comfortable just being you ? I so, so, so struggle with this & was thinking about writing a post about it tomorrow. Did you start out gradual & it just start of evolved? I want the evolution of the Camp Patton blog story. And what do your families think? I love your blog, but I think if I did that it would freak our parents out. Do they worry about creepy stalkers (like me)? Joking.

    Video montage tutorial? Love them!

    Giveaways? How the heck do you get so many ? It's awesome.

    If we move to St. Louis, can we be friends ? Think about it.

    Creepily yours,

  15. Oh my goodness, yes please. Something to look forward to other than an epidural.

    I want to know if Simon gives you advice on your pregnancies--and can he bring his Doppler gadget home to listen to the baby's heartbeat?

    Also, will you please move closer to me so Julia and Piper can become besties?

  16. how in the heck are you so teeny tiny after 2 1/2 kids?? that's my only question. i know it's a deep one but that's how i roll (i could literally roll right now too. the belly has taken over.)

  17. Such a great idea, Grace! Oh many questions! My hubs would feel the same way, but in the end, I think he would like it just a little bit ;) Excited to see what you come up with! I need to work on some questions...

  18. I want to know more about Simon's residency and his hopes for the future of NFP. But that sounds waaaaay to philosophical so how about you just give us a tour of your house instead.

  19. Please tell me why Simon is always wearing shorts. Is it really that warm there? If that's the case, I'm on my way. Or does the leg hair keep him warm? I'm always cold but not that desperate. Or door number three, was this just a random summer picture...

    Deep thoughts.

  20. Does he have a "soul patch" or does it just look like it in this picture?

  21. I was laughing out loud at my desk at this while several co-workers stared curiously at my door. Thanks for making me look like an idiot! Feel free to do so any old time! But now I am strangely plagued by the curiosity of how deep Simon's voice really is. Now he HAS to vuh-log!

  22. I would like to know if Simon has any funny stories from his med school/residency experience. I know there are some in there. Also, I want to hear how excited he is about Downton Abbey season 3! :P

  23. This is a brilliant, beyond brilliant Idea!!

    I think you and Simon should get together, so you can both be in front of the camera (we get double the fun!).

    Some questions I have:
    1. (many other have asked this) If and where will you move after Simon is done with residency? I vote Raleigh/Durham
    2. Did you breast feed any of the "monsters"?
    3. When will you be getting the babes a pet (haha, like you need something else to chase after)?
    4. How does it feel to know that Charlie and I talk about you two (and Basher and Julia) like we have brunch with you weekly and see you at Mass?
    5. Where do get the super tiny/trendy clothes for Julia?

    apparently most of those were for Grace, my bad Simon but you're not off the hook...

    P.s. I second Kate up there, We wanna be friends with you in real life... I hope I would be as funny as I try to be on my own blog.

  24. favorite cocktail
    favorite holiday
    favorite character on Downton
    what you'd do with 24 hours sans kiddos
    dream vacation spot
    fav saint/devotion
    weirdest thing Simon has ever dealt with in the line of duty
    Costco procedure: samples first, or straight down to bidness

  25. i have no questions - i just really want to hear y'all talk. weird? and simon may scare us with his deep voice, but i think spencer would alarm y'all with his high voice. it's not effeminate, just high.

  26. How's the "procuring-all-the-alcohol-in-the-world-no,-the-universe" going?

    I'm a new Camp-Pattonite, so I have so many questions I can't think of any.

    Except one awesome question:

    What animal do you think you could take in a fight? Like, you're a crazy mama/papa bear trying to defend your family from said animal.

  27. I'll echo someone else and be serious - I would LOVE to hear Simon's journey to OBG and NFP doctor. Because it's so counter to modern OBG education and we NEED so many more out there. I'm just fascinated that he has classmates on the same path. So that. And really just anything else you want to throw at us - all the ideas above are great!

  28. What's your favorite show that Grace watches?
    How do you feel about cordinating outfits with Basher?
    Would you try to imitate one of Graces photos to make up for the fact that you refuse to do a vlog. PLEASE.

  29. This is hilarious!! And I love these questions too :) You're pretty much famous at this point, Grace.

  30. This one's for J: an admirer here, how do you manage to look so fabulous all the time? what's your favorite thing about Christmass? I also have some career/love advice questions I want to run by you, call me maybe :)?

  31. well, after that whole, "i'd scare them with my voice" thing, he can't NOT do it now. as for questions: tv shows each of you likes. super deep, i know. aaaaaand i'm out. y'all really should do a vlog. your typed conversations are hilarious, so i have a feeling that your recorded interactions would be even better.


    question: G, do you sell bottles of your daily awesomeness anywhere?

    Simon knows he wants to. He just wants to see us all beg first. Well buddy, mission accomplished.

  33. Basher, can we get some jorts like yours? Mary Frank wants some.

  34. I want to hear stories from Simons work and how you're so skinny. Could Simon be your dr during pregnancy when he's done with school? This is my first comment...I would love for y'all to do a vlog! Favorite blog!

  35. Ok, I guess I am a stalker because I actually come back, to some of your blog posts to read the comments because you have some hilarious readers (ie, Morgan). NE-who...I guess keeping up with my own 4 little ones doesn't keep me busy enough.

  36. Yes! Yay for vlogs! Joe would have reacted the exact same way...which, now that I think about it, makes me wonder how I ever convinced him to do a reality show. Hmm. I'll let you know if I figure out the secret.

  37. Folks in the 505 definitely want a Simace Vlog! We would love to hear what both of you have to say about anything! We just want to hear you talk:)

  38. I'm so glad I'm not the only stalker of the Camp.
    For some of the questions above theyve already been covered so maybe a FQA is in order for the newbies.
    My husband and I both love your blog.
    Question for Simon: how do you cope with havin such an awesome wife?

  39. I can not wait to see this! My questions: where do you buy kids clothes/ have you always been so cute / where do you see your family settling long-term / annnnd when are you visiting England?

  40. I can not wait to see this! My questions: where do you buy kids clothes/ have you always been so cute / where do you see your family settling long-term / annnnd when are you visiting England?



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