16 November 2012

1. throwing away everything except the finery on their backs ... again
2. shackled

3. why yes I can walk slower. watch and cry.
4. cafeteria donut high

5. weekend call is the worst
6. so many consecutive hours with that wife of yours

7. still hoping for a repeat of this. not optimistic.
8. how can we explain to our keepers that the zoo is rarely to never actually fun?

9. this "treat" makes absolutely no sense
10. Forever 0-3 Months sent these bottoms over. You like?

11. stat paging a certain Explorer
12. call weekends? the best.

13. does my hair
14. make me look fat?

Do you over-insta like I do? Tell me more.


  1. I just clicked through your insta feed. And laughed until I couldn't breathe. Thank you for making my life much, much better.

  2. I LOVE your pictures:) No over-insta. No such thing.

  3. You Under-insta! I want a new picture every hour! : ) This was one of my favorite batches of photos.

  4. Forever 0-3 Months...priceless!!

  5. 5 and 6 had me dying!! My husband was home super late two nights in a row this week and I thought I was going to lose every. single. one. of my marbles. I don't know how you do it, but you've impressed me :)

  6. Love, love your pictures, and your hilarious captions. You are a bright spot in our days.

  7. You give me so much to strive for as I start down the insta trail. I'm hoping a hellish weekend isn't necessary to create such comedic masterpieces.

  8. Oh my gosh this is so funny. You seriously have the cutest kids ever!!


  9. Poor, poor Julia. Being stuck with you while Simon is at work....... Hahahahaha!!!

  10. Oh my goodness. I just found your blog-- you're stinking hilarious! I love it :) Your kiddos are so cute even if they're sort of all over the place hehe :) xoxo



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