7 Quick Takes

23 November 2012

Joining Jen over at Conversion Diary for another installation of quick takes. You should too.

1. Hmmmmmmmmmm ... to type about Thanksgiving or not to type about Thanksgiving? Let's use Sunshine's morning faces to analogize ...

It started out like ...
maybe this won't be SO bad ...

and then we got to see Simon and eat some traditional Thanksgiving fare ...
and that was really nice ...

and then things took a tumble for the frustrating and all of a sudden there was a diaper situation and a curling iron (styling wand?) burn and toddlers fighting like a senile married couple and and a never ever ending stream of super duper urgent unintelligible needs and I don't know ...
it was not fun.

I was just embarrassingly proud of myself for not succumbing to the lure of the Netflix-sitter before the hour of 6pm and serving a dinner of chicken nuggets WITH "thomas" (hummus) and ice cream (yogurt) instead of a dinner of solely chicken nuggets, one child was bathed at one point in the day, and I learned to never not be extremely grateful for any future years that Simon doesn't work Thanksgiving or Christmas. Onward and upward and not looking backward on Thanksgiving 2k12 with fond memories. Oh vell.

2. Let's talk about something more American than Thanksgiving ... TV!! While I wait patiently for the really best best shows to return in January (ahem, Downton and the Bachelor) I've been faithful to my Hulu watching while sort of working out to my muted exercise muses on our little screen TV.

3. We'll start with Nashville ... How can you not adore Connie Britton?
Her hair and her everything. Love it all.

How can you stand Hayden Panettiere?
and this girl's (talking) voice?

If they could just stop the whole political plot line and focus more on el music and the romance ... I wouldn't complain one single bit. This is probably my favorite show right now. Probably. Although I do love ...

4. The Mindy Project ... Simon doesn't love it but I think Mindy Kaling is hilario.
And while her job seems a little too unrealistic and not busy as an obstetrician ... I still get irrationally angry when Hulu "locks" the latest episode from its viewers. Why do they do that? It does not make me want to purchase Hulu+ so please stop it.

5. Call the Midwife ... I've only watched the pilot but this is as close to a Downton substitute that I've found for now.
Simon watched it with me and seemed to enjoy it. I really appreciated the fact that they didn't portray the family with 24 (or was it 25?) kids as totally insane but actually pretty happy. We'll see where they run with the line they threw in about a "magic potion" to stop "it".

6. Parenthood ... (Ellen wrote allllll about it here -- best to read her take). Every single one of the characters, except for Julia's husband Joel, annoys me but this is still the show I check for new episodes week after week so they can't really annoy me that much. There have been too many tear jerking moments with Kristina's cancer and I am emotionally invested enough that if she dies I just might be a big puddle of devastated. Let's keep her around ... if only for her weirdly perfect stay at home mom hair

that I can only assume is to to make up for Haddie's hair-trocity ... ?

7. Modern Family ... Not as funny this year as seasons past but still funny enough to keeeeeeeep on watching. I appreciate Gloria's pregnancy induced crazy and am willing to bet a lot of money that she has a girl. Cam will forever be my favorite character and I just want to shackle Clare to a wall and feed her multiple doses of chill pills.

Are there any true gems I'm missing? Probably. Am I feeding my soul heaping helpings of edification by watching all of this trash? Super probably.

Go see Jen for more and muchas gracias to all the pretty ladies for linking up yesterday (you still have 21 days to do so if you want to join the fiesta loca) ... I found lots of new blogs to read in between sessions of french braiding Julia's hair and listening to Sebastian read aloud from his favorite chapter book.


  1. 3. Yes, yes, and holy crap YES! That girls voice makes me want to vom.
    4. If anything, it makes me want to buy it less.
    7. We just recently jumped on the MF train but we love it. Now I need to watch the old seasons to see the even funnier stuff!

    Also, check out Happy Endings and Go On. Oh and if you're a Dawson's Creek fan you may appreciate The B in Apartment 23.

    Lastly (I know this is getting borderline stalker in length) check out Coke and Popcorn. It has less shows than Hulu but their whole series and it's free. :)

  2. We sucked right into Hulu+...right. in. I tell you. Of course, we have NO cable, so there ya go....and my girls and I want to see Once Upon a Time STRAIGHT away.....the next day, so there ya go. again.

    I would say you were given the "gift" of yesterday to be fully and completely thankful for years ahead....bum gift, but meh...sometimes the cookie crumbles

    We also can barely wait for Downton....even the Hubs is ready!

    I'm out for 7 QTs b/c I'm off for a Regionals cheerleading deal today...don't hate....crud, reminds me....I forgot to snag earplugs from work! dang!!!

  3. We've made the "commitment" to Netflix and Amazon Prime compliments of our ROKU. I Watch ALL of these shows with the exception of Nashville, because we're watching all of the backed seasons of Friday Night Lights for our dose of Connie Britton (and I think she's gorgeous as well, and Kyle Chandler isn't bad to look at either)

    Sounds like you made it through your 'lone Thanksgiving slightly unscathed.

    Congrats on that.

    Also you may or may not find New Girl as HILARIOUS as I do, she just so fantastically quirky

  4. Call the Midwife,,,a very enjoyable show to watch eh!!!
    I am so looking forward to downton abby in January!!!

  5. Nashville, I'm totally obsessed! Too bad I can never get my Asian hair to look remotely close to Connie's....Aaaand, that girl's voice? Holy moly whiny. Thanks for the tip about Call the Midwife....I need a good Downton-esque fix ;).

  6. i just got into Parenthood this year, and think it's the best ever. i agree about haddie's hair though...but feel for her as a curly haired girl who had some unfortunate hair cuts growing up.

    my favorite on modern is a toss up b/t Cam and Phil...i love that show!

    we are really into dexter and breaking bad. and i'm always watching some terrible reality tv like teen mom 2!

  7. Parenthood, Modern Family and Call the Midwife are my favorites! Going On and Parks & Recreation are pretty funny too.

  8. I don't know. You might be missing a few gems - tell me you're watching Parks & Rec???

    And we're also fans of The New Girl and Happy Endings. Happy Watching - I always am!

  9. We're also enjoying Call the Midwife. If you're interested, I just finished the memoir of the same name that the show is based on- it really was a delightful read! Highly recommend.

  10. I will loyally love The Office to the bitter end and dare I say that Parks and Rec is even BETTER (Every single character tickles my funny bone, especially Ron, Andy, Tom and Donna with only Rob Lowe's manic Chris being sliiiightly annoying from time to time). New Girl was funnier last season but she was HILARIOUS so this season is still funny and the new Ben and Kate is pretty much phenomenal. I will NEVER give up on Project Runway (even schmAll schStars (you DON'T EVER replace Tim Gunn, amateurs)) and my worst, most shameful guilty pleasure this fall has been the vapid, dramatic, train wreck called Couple's Therapy...probably shouldn't even mention it because similar to movies like "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," there are some things that CANNOT be un-seen. Had to try to replace Bachelor/Bachelorette with something.

  11. I loved Call the Midwife! I couldn't believe how realistic they made the births seem. And I cried like a baby through almost every episode...its really not a recipe for success for a preggo to watch that show and try to be normal.

  12. A few points:

    1. Funny that your kids call hummus "Thomas" because my child calls Thomas "hummus." He also calls hummus "hummus."

    2. Parenthood is in my top favorite shows. And yes, all the characters ARE annoying, EXCEPT for Joel, you are spot on! I always say he is the only normal one of the bunch. And Haddie's hair is always atrocious, seriously why can't they get that girl a normal, good hairdo???

    3. I keep meaning to watch Call the Midwife because it would probably be my favorite, but then I forget.

    4. I pretty much ONLY watch television on Netflix, or on the networks' websites (,, etc.). Lately I have been wiling away many productive hours with: Sherlock, Revenge (my trashy guilty pleasure), Parenthood (obvs), Once Upon a Time, Doc Martin (SO SO HILARIOUS), and then maybe Sherlock again.

    5. How are you managing Quick Takes on the day after Thanksgiving? I am lolling around, pulling out Christmas decorations, eyeing the couch for its nap potentiality (just 2 hours after getting up).

  13. You are the third reliable mention of Call the Midwife. Plus I miss Downton. Perhaps I'll need to hop on that crazy train...

  14. Is it terrible if I say that I never could get into Downton? I don't know what it is, but I just couldn't. But if you want something funny and you haven't checked it out yet-- look up Psych. Hilarious.

  15. How do you find the time to watch tv? I'm jealous.

    You & the kiddos looked cute yesterday!

    1. This confuses me, how do you not have time to watch tv? Everynight when the kids go to bed i's tv time!! I didn't know other people didn't do that. Seriously.

  16. Have you read Mindy Kaling's book? Actually very funny.

  17. Love parenthood and I just might check out nashville and the mindy project. I just started emily owens md this week and love it. It's like a non promiscuous greys anatomy (so far) and it is in its first season all on hulu.

  18. I love all the shows you mentioned except for Nashville, I've never watched that one. I also enjoy Go On, Elementary, Ben and Kate, Emily Owens MD, The Arrow, and Grimm. My hubby and I rarely go out so we relish getting an hour after the kids go to bed to relax and unwind with a favorite show.

  19. I love love love freaking love Parenthood! (Can you tell?) Good choice! It's about that time to watch Downton from the begining in prep for Jan 6th!!!

  20. Psych, Burn Notice (start at season 1), Man, don't use Hulu. Try Tubeplus. It's delicious and free to watch movies and TV.

  21. Dexter. Do it. And make sure the short ones are fast asleep (like triple-check that one). A-maz-ing or your $$ back

  22. I just discovered the Mindy Project and I seriously love it, so hysterical. Although I agree that her life as an obstetrician is unrealistic (she has way more free time than any of my attendings right now). Modern Family is the best. Those are my two shows right now until the next season of the Bachelor starts (I'm ecstatic that Sean is the new one).

  23. I'm a little iffy on Sean, but I'll be glad to have my guiltiest guilty pleasure back. Excited by all the TV recs, because I totally needed them!

  24. I think I learned about Nashville from your blog, and I am really enjoying it! My other fave is Parenthood. Can't wait to check out Call The Midwife too, since I really enjoyed Downton Abbey. Thanks for the recommendations!

  25. Julia's face looks so smooshable in those pics! Also, we love Big Bang Theory over here. We watch it like the nerds we truly are.

  26. I came across your blog through Jen's 7 Quick Takes Friday...You crack me up.
    Anyway, here are my tv suggestions:
    I LOVE Downton Abbey and can't wait until January. Check out Upstairs Downstairs as a decent substitute in the mean time.
    I also only watched the pilot of Call the Midwife and couldn't decide if I wanted to continue watching it or not, so haven't...maybe I will give it another chance.
    We just started watching Modern Family this season, so I will have to check out older seasons.
    I also like Hot in Cleveland and The Middle, but new favorite is Elementary. Mostly because of Jonny Lee Miller, but I also like Lucy Liu in it. And of course I am always checking what Masterpiece Classic has to offer.

  27. Bahahaha, thanks for the link-back Grace! I second all of your tv choices except Nashville, (because I haven't seen it yet and Hayden Panettier has made my skin crawl since her Remember the Titans days) and Call the Midwife makes me anxious. I don't know why, it just.... does. You simply MUST watch Parks and Rec. Don't be turned off by the lameness of season 1. Someone I know very accurately described it as the toll you must pay for the awesomeness of the rest of the series.

  28. ha, great post. I agree with most of your tv rantings. but i need to check out this midwife show. i've seen acouple clips of the mindy project but havent watched it yet!!! i also will admit to watching vampire diaries, revenge, and NEW GIRL! do you not watch new girl!? i think you'd love.



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