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29 July 2012

Sebastian and Granny Annie sharing a solemn moment on Saturday morn.

I hope your weekend was tolerable. Simon is out buying some starch to try and unprofessionally dry clean some of his ~professional clothing for tomorrow so I'm here typing this sentence and watching Julia's cries light the monitor on fire which is always a lot of capital F - Fun.

Lots of happy news on the blogosphere lately that I thought I'd pass along in case you haven't read ... e-servant at your service, always.

Belated congrats to Sheena and Anthony on the arrival of their beautiful twins (with the prettiest names)! I'm dying to read the rest of her birth story -- I'm giving three more days until I send an antsy rude email.

If you're in the mood to read a really sweet engagement story -- Tess's blog is your ticket. Many congrats to her and Frank!

I'm sure everyone and their mother's sister's bff +e already read but how exciting is Kelle Hampton's news?

And you probably saw glowing Meredith's super cute she-announcement -- congratulations to za fam!

Jessica is starting her teaching job with-kids-in-classroom-how-is-summer-already-over on Wednesday so if you're so inclined I'm sure she would appreciate a little prayer thrown her way as I know that first day can be slightly terrifying - even though we all know she will kill it.

One of thee best posts to pop up in my reader in the past few weeks. Hands down.

Anne is a superwoman ... read all about her homebirth and her daughter's name that I plan on stealing someday over the rainbow. 

I know I'm missing a zillion things but Simon is back and triumphant with his 99 cent bottle of hopeful miracle soooooo I think we have our work cut out for us.

As stupid Dora always says ... Hasta Luego!


  1. Thanks for your sweet linkup. :). Our little lovebug is currently resting on my chest. God is good! (and I'm still in shock!)

    I think E has a little crush on Dora so I chuckled at your last line. Have a blessed week!

  2. Thank you for the shoutout and also, I agree with you about Grace in My Heart's news. I read that post and my heart freaking swelled. And my heart never swells. I am SO happy for her family!

  3. Finally catching up on posts from my vay-cay. Watch out for comment storms coming from the east.

  4. Love the name of Anne's baby... a stealer for sure!

  5. Thank you so much for the shoutout, Grace! :D

  6. aah thanks for posting that. That just sucked away an hour of the 14 more I have to be on the sofa today. Oh and Kelle's story? I read that little Nelle's birth story and bawled my eyes out as those goons on the today show did some ridonculous track segment. Loving the precious-ness of the blogosphere today (and changing baby names by the minute. My apologies to my husband...)

  7. Oh gosh. Love that picture of Mom and little fatness Sebastian. And love all the baby/ wedding announcements!

  8. How do you always know the best things on the internet? You're the web whisperer.

    p.s. and I think Smile (above) would agree...

  9. aaaahhh!! im sorry! im getting there! :) thank you for the link love and the other great links! working on my one-handed typing skills in order to complete zee birth story!!!!! soon and very soon!!



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